High-protein Diet 101: Benefits, Foods & Risks

Is your weight at a plateau when you are keeping fit? Have you ever worried about the health problems associated with extreme dieting or diet pills? Do you worry that your weight will bounce back after being fit? In recent years, “High-protein Diet” is going viral, allowing you to maintain a healthy, slim figure through diet control without feeling hungry. From Korean KOL to celebrities like Gillian Chung, they are top fans of this diet too! But, do you know much about High-protein Diet? I have made a list of its information below, so you can follow and start your healthy diet routine to lose weight from now on!

Theory of High-protein Diet

Being popular in Japan, High-protein Diet means consuming high quality protein to increase protein intake, so as to build muscles and reduce fat. This method suggests followers to cut out carbohydrates and fat, allowing your body to build up muscles in a short period of time so as to boost up metabolism, burn calories and lose fat mass. Having said that, it will not lead to muscle loss as other diets do, so you don’t have to worry about fat accumulation.

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Benefits of High-protein Diet

  1. Balanced nutrition - This method allows you to eat more than one kind of food, keeping your diet balanced. As long as the foods are with a high protein percentage, you can have a variety of dietary plans everyday to keep you happy, avoid feeling frustrated when on diet.
  2. Satiety - Proteins has the ability to decrease hunger. Thus, if you follow the recipes everyday, you will not feel hungry on and off, leaving yourself a positive vibe to keep fit!
  3. No weight regain - The satiety brought by high protein foods will lower the amount of food eaten in the rest of the day. In the long-term, your appetite and desire of snacks will be decreased. As a result, your body now is not easy to gain weight.

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Highlights of of High-protein Diet
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1. Focus on seafood - Increase your protein intake is the main point to burn your fat and lose your weight. You may learn from Korean KOL whom matches the high protein meats and seafood with other healthy choices, instead of carbohydrates to raise her satiety.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits - vegetables and fruits are healthy choices which can also bring satiety. Gillian Chung loves eating high protein diet with simple cooking. She highly recommended soba noodle with tomato and golden mushrooms which contains high percentage of protein. Mixing with high-fibre baby cabbage and tomato, it helped her feel full for a long period of time. 

3. Start with breakfast - If you can’t maintain 3 meals of high protein diet plans, you can first start with breakfast. Intake more proteins in morning can help you feel full, allowing you to reduce the amount of food consumed in next meal.

4. Adjust the eating order - If you want to cut down the intake of carbohydrates and fat, you can first eat vegetables then high protein foods for better absorption. Leave the rest to eat only when you still feel hungry.

Eating more vegetables help reducing fat: 
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High-protein and low-calories foods

Eggs, cheese, cream cheese, nuts, whole wheat bread, unsweetened soy milk, chicken breast, soy, tuna, soba noodles, steak, tofu, etc.

Risks of High-protein Diet

Friendly reminder, not all people are suitable to follow this diet plan. Adopting the high-protein diet for long-term may cause unbalanced nutrition and metabolic disorder, even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thus, you should speak to a nutritionist before adopting a high-protein diet.



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