5 Ways to Get Rid of an Oily Scalp

Oil scalp and stinky hair are fairly common concerns among girls, and with spring/summer just around the corner, the oil secretion from scalp increases. Not only is the greasy hair non-hygienic, it also affects your appearance. Above all that, excessive oil may lead to hair fall or early bald, so you can’t just put a blindfold on your eyes. There is a full range of oil-control shampoos to keep the grease in curb but many girls found them not useful at all. That said, you have been washing your hair in a wrong way, or you simply overlook the root cause, that’s why you can’t fix the grease. 


I have curated a range of ultimate remedies to improve your oily locks, including the correct ways to wash hair, scalp-care and the bad habits leading to greasy scalp, so you can leave the oily hair a thing of the past this hot season!


Excessive oil causing hair loss

If you find your locks always look oily even you wash them every day, or smell like a pan of expired oils, then you may suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis. It is a popular cause of hair loss and possesses 45% of general hair loss cases. Most cases fall into the age group fo 20 - 44 years old because they reckon that a frequent hair wash will help wash away the oil but ironically, oil secretion will be promoted with too frequent hair wash. 


Remedy #1: Choose oil-control shampoo

If you already have hair loss problem, I strongly recommend you to use anti-hair loss shampoo first. This Rohaseed Tea Seed Nursing & Anti-Loss Shampoo is rich in tea seeds, serves as oil-control, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, which gains a lot of favourable reviews among city dwellers in recent years. It works from the root to condition scalp and hair follicles, promote healthy mane whilst balancing the oil secretion for better hair growth.




Remedy #2: Shampoo properly

Most of the girls suffering from greasy scalp do not wash their hair in correct ways, or simply pour the shampoo on scalp directly. If the scalp is not cleansed properly, it will lead to clogging follicles. Thus, you should massage your scalp with fingers to buff away the excessive sebum. In addition, pouring the shampoo on scalp is a big no-no! This will stimulate or hurt your scalp. Instead, you should pour the shampoo onto palm and dilute it with water for a silky foam in prior to the hair-washing process.


Here is the lowdown of correct shampooing routines:

  1. Wet your hair with water under 40degree celsius
  2. Pour the shampoo on palm and lather it up
  3. Gently massage it onto your scalp
  4. Rinse off the foam
  5. Semi-dry your strands, then apply conditioner and leave the conditioner for 5 minutes until the nourishing ingredients have penetrated into hair shaft
  6. Wash your hair thoroughly 


Remedy #3: Use scalp-care shampoo

Choosing a fresh shampoo is a must if your hair is too greasy, best choice is the one with scalp-care function. Botany is an Australian brand that uses Australian organic botanic ingredients. Its silky foam helps wash the strands thoroughly and I feel refreshed yet clean with an instant decrease of oil secretion. Moreover, it is infused with finger lime caviar, lilli pilli & argan oil, it seems like you are having a spa-like treatment to relax and heal your body and soul.


Remedy #4: Post-shampooing scalp-care


If you have greasy scalp, blow dry is a must-do step as wet hair is a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth and so worsens the oil problem. Use a product formulated for oily hair on dry hair for additional repair. 


Founded in Korea, Dr.Seed's body wash and shampoo are cult-favorite among Korean girls, not to mention its Solution Booster! Infused with 96% natural extracts, it stabilises the Keratin cycle whilst controlling oil secretion and soothing scalp. To add bonus, it only costs less than $100 to experience a PRO-product by a Korean dermatologist. Worth it, right?



Anti-hair loss products from MD is the all time favorite heroes among the Americans, even our local KOL Leanne Fu is its die hard fan! Their Scalp Essential allows the hair follicles to breathe and so balancing the scalp’s oil secretion. Many users review that their scalps are no longer itchy after using this product and dandruff problem is solved.




Remedy #5: Quit bad habits

Not only are the wrong hair wash ways, daily lifestyle also contributes to the greasy scalp. For instance, wearing hat too often will block the scalp from breathing whilst leaving sebum and grime on scalp, which harms the scalp condition and leads to oily, smelly scalp.


On top of that, many girls are keen to spicy hotpot or noodles but do your scalp a favor and stop eating too much spicy and fried food because they will cause your oil glands to produce even more oil on face as well as scalp. Besides, if you use a wrong way to wash your mane or the detergent is not strong enough to draw out impurities and sebum, it will lead to excessive oil build-up and a stinkier head.


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