4 Uses of Hair Mask You Need to Know!

Hair mask is known as the hair supplement to nourish you hair locks, improve split ends and breakage problems while to restore your healthy hair condition. In daily skincare routine, you may apply a piece of moisturised or anti-aging face sheet mask after cleansing your face and putting on moisturiser to help boost the skin condition. Hair mask is a mask exactly like face mask but just targeting hair. Daily haircare routine includes shampoo, conditioner and treatment oil but you may need to slather on hair mask once a week for deep moisturization, to ensure the healthy growth of hair and scalp.

What is hair mask?

A hair shaft can be divided into 3 layers - outer cuticle, middle cortex and inner medulla. Daily haircare such as washing can only help nourishing the cuticle but only hair mask can deliver high performance ingredients deep into medulla for restoration, serving up moisturising and repairing effects.

Featuring rich cream texture, hair mask usually consists of hydrating ingredients such as Keratin and natural botanical oil. Usually you need to use it for a month or above to see the ultimate result - sleek yet shiny hair.

The KOL Jade Lam strongly recommended the Australian brand Georgiemane Hair Mask for hair repair - I’ve tried it too and my hair became smoother yet shinier after 1 month use as well!

Hair mask is NOT hair conditioner 

Many may reckon that hair mask is just another hair conditioner, you can simply use one of them or even slather the hair mask on hair every day like conditioner. However, the ingredients packed in hair mask is far more concentrated than that in conditioner. Its power of nourishment can penetrate into the deepest layer of hair shaft and last for longer time, so using hair mask once or twice a week would be absolutely fine.

Hair conditioner isn’t blended with that much rich ingredients like hair mask do, it can only serve up an instant smoothing effect but will fade out one or two days later, plus, it can’t be absorbed into the medulla layer. This explains why these two are different products and you can’t simply use one to replace another.

Hack of Hair mask #1: Put hair mask on damp hair

Hair stylist of both Korean stars Rachel Park and Eun Hye Park, Kim Hyo-suk suggested that hair conditioner and mask should be slathered on damp hair but not hair dripping water. Since the water of hair will dilute the conditioning nutrients so to lower its nourishing power, so she pointed that wet hair can be dried a bit by twisting before applying hair mask.

Hack of Hair mask #2: Bend your back when slathering on

Since hair mask is infused with lots of oil blends, so it might cause allergy to sensitive skin and so breakouts and acnes. Thus, if you have long hair, remember to bend your back or side a little bit when you slathering the hair mask on, preventing it touching your shoulder and back to avoid any back breakouts.

Hack of Hair mask #3: Start from hair end to top

Despite hair mask or conditioner, we usually don’t put them onto scalp directly as they are so rich to possibly block the follicles causing hair loss. That’s why you should start putting it on from hair end and move upwards till 3-5cm from scalp.

Hack of Hair mask #4: Wrap you hair with towel

Heat helps open up cuticle - the outermost layer of hair shaft, so the nourishing ingredients will be able to penetrate into the root more easily. So I recommend you all to use a warm towel to cover up your hair for a better result. But remember if it’s too hot, the heat will damage your hair. You can also choose an airtight shower cap, using your natural heat from head will do too.

Sit for 15mins after wrapping your hair for absorption then rinse it thoroughly. You can make good use of this 15-min to remove your makeup, cleansing, exfoliating or even doing a face massage, just to enjoy your me-time!

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