Debunking 5 Common Hand Sanitizer Myths

The coronavirus outbreak has been quite a while and all of us must be an expert of using hand sanitzer. But, do you really know it well? Today, I would debunk 5 common myths of hand sanitizers and recommend you the high-performance HAAN Hand Sanitizers, so to clean your hands correctly and effectively to fight against the viruses and bacteria!

Myth 1: Hand Sanitizers don’t need to be applied all over your hands 

Hand sanitizers work only if they're spread all over your hands and rubbed until they completely dry. Besides, spray 3 to 4 times of HAAN Hand Sanitizers then rub to ensure your hands are fully sterilised. 


Myth 2: Hand sanitizers cause antibiotic resistance

Many believe that using hand sanitizers too frequent can cause antibiotic resistance. The truth is, antibiotics work completely different to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Alcohol can quickly kill various germs without leaving on skin, so the germs have no way to become resistant. Therefore, it is safe to use HAAN Hand Sanitizer! 


Myth 3: All hand sanitizers dry out your hands 

Frankly speaking, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can dry out one’s hands but not a must. In fact, HAAN Hand Sanitizer is formulated with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, not only can it kill off 99.99% viruses and bacteria but also hydrate your skin, leaving your hands moisturised without stripping feel. 


Myth 4: Hand sanitizer works just as well as soap and water

Alcohol-based HAAN Hand Sanitizers are convenient because they kill a huge number of germs on your hands when you're out without using soap and water. However, unlike hand wash, hand sanitizer does not clean the dirt and residue accumulated on your hands during the day. 




Myth 5: Hand Sanitizers smell like hospitals

Not all alcohol-based hand sanitizers smell like hospitals! There are two ranges of HAAN Hand Sanitizers that smell extremely nice. Daily Moods collection is curated with Citrus Noon, Sunset Fleur, Dew of Dawn, Morning Glory, Wood Night while Blossom Elixir Collection consists of Tranquil Camomile, Bright Rose, Healing Chrysants, Soothing Lavander and Purifying Verbena. They all smell pleasantly like perfumes than sanitizers. Make it a ritual, not a chore!




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