HAAN - The Must-have On Trend Hand Sanitizer

Amidst the rising cases of COVID lately, protecting yourself with preventive measures when dating with friends is top priority. As a cosmopolitan woman, the protective gears must be effective and on trend! Have you ever seen a decent, eye-catchy hand sanitizer storming on social media? That’s HAAN.

Founded in Spain, HAAN has combined environmental friendly and aesthetic design into lifestyle. It concerns about environmental issues and has donated 20% of profits to developing countries for construction of underground water wells. It endeavours to provide clean water to the whole world and tackle the water crisis problem, worth to support!

The hypoallergenic Aloe Vera-infused hand sanitizers 

Infused with 65% alcohol, the HAAN Hand Sanitizers are clinically tested in Germany to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Formulated with natural vegan ingredients, it is irritants-and cruelty-free. Blended with super moisturising ingredient aloe vera, it makes it not only 99.9% effective, but also pampers your hands.


The pleasant scent that heals

There are two line-ups to choose from - Daily Moods and Blossom Elixir. The former consists of Citrus Noon, Sunset Fleur, Dew of Dawn, Morning Glory and Wood Night while the latter is curated with Tranquil Camomile, Bight Rose, Healing Chrysant, Soothing Lavender and Purifying Verbena.



Eco-friendly refills and reusable design

Emphasizing eco-friendly measures, HAAN uses recycled and reusable materials for pocket design. You can simply refill the hand sanitizer into pocket to save 89% plastics. Plus, each refill pack can fill up more than 3 pockets! You can then keep using your favourite, beautiful sanitizer container everyday.



On trend packaging design

Above all that, this hand sanitizer pocket is so eye-catchy that makes it the best accessory this season! It can be also matched with the Case & Lanyard, creating a monochromatic style or simply choose another favourite color for your bespoke mix-and-match! Wear the lanyard with semi-transparent pocket case on neck or attach it on bag to bring a bit of “oomph” to all your outfits!




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