Gogood - Natural and Organic Protein Powder from New Zealand

When most people think of “protein powder”, what springs to your mind? The fans of Alton from famous boy group Mirror? Or the must-have diet of muscular men? Not only does it help build up your muscles, it is also the origin of protein so you can take in adequate nutrition to fulfil your everyday needs, namely boosting up immune system, promoting metabolism, reducing appetite, lowering blood pressure and strengthening healthy hair etc. Thus, bust your misconceptions that protein powders are only for body builders, indeed, these protein shakes are a healthy dietary supplement.


There are different types of protein powders, in which, whey protein is the most popular one among them. Derived from cow’s milk, whey is a mixture of proteins and consists of little carbohydrates, fats but many more essential amino acids and minerals, making it the cult favourite superfood these years. New Zealand is renowned for its natural, organic food sources. I’ve been there before the outbreak of pandemics and discovered a protein powder brand called GoGood , which now just landed the online shops in Hong Kong recently. Though we can’t explore the world now, we can shop the products and have them delivered from New Zealand at our fingertips!


100% All-natural dairy and plant-based ingredients

Since whey protein is derived from milk, let’s first talk about its pasture and feeding style. Go Good Whey Protein is sourced from New Zealand friesian dairy cows which are pasture-fed and raised without the use of harmful antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO interference. This results in a superior, pure nutritional profile that you can taste without worries. Aside from the dairy milk, they also source the other natural, organic ingredients from the world. For instance, the banana from Ecuador, cocoa powder from Peru, strawberries from Chile, vanilla from Madagascar and Indonesia etc. So you can delight your body with every bits of the rawest, purest tastes, but not any additives or artificial flavour. 


European golden pea

Golden pea is one of the most paramount ingredients of GoGood and is sourced from France & Belgium. All Golden peas are natural yet organic, same as the milk and fruits. If you are on diet, you must have to go for it as it can promote metabolism, control your appetite whilst producing a sense of fullness with continuous consumption. 


Quality Assured

Agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy, making “made in New Zealand” the synonym of safety, quality and natural goodness in the globe. All Go Good products comply to strict third party testing for quality and safety assurance to ensure its independent results. Its business is also transparent that you can know what’s inside their products by reading the label. Every sip is just a combination of good taste and food safety.


Environmental friendly design

As a minimalist, I particularly love its packaging. First, there is no redundant plastic wrap, instead, it is designed with paper carton for easy recycling. The packaging uses the materials with FSC certification, meaning the virgin paper are harvested from forests which are responsibly managed, environmentally conscious etc. To add bonus, it uses a warm earth tone, minimal patterns like circles and semicircles to make it more sophisticated and unisex, different from the traditional masculine style but looks more chic and fashionable for women!


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