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Georgiemane : The Best Plant-based Vegan Feast for Your Hair

With a growing trend of vegan beauty, time to give your hair the TLC it deserves without feeling guilty with Georgiemane.

If your hair is prone to breakage from colouring, bleaching and heat damage, it’s the moment to give it a rest and reverse those years. Crave for a self-pamper without guilt? Sure you can! Love your hair and the animals in one go!

“Vegan” and “cruelty free” aren’t just buzzwords and are more than a trend - they’re a lifestyle that you commit in everyday life and be more mindful about what you consume and how you consume it, especially among the millennials and Gen Z-ers. By not using any animal-derived ingredients or by-products such as beeswax, milk, egg whites, honey, lanolin, collagen which are commonly used in cosmetics industry, and not doing any animal-testings during manufacturing process, you can still care and condition your skin with love.

Georgiemane, an Australian hair brand newly launched in January 2021 not only does the game-changing products it offer, but also brings the kind-to-planet message to the crowd. Its entire range is 100% Vegan & cruelty free, its all good-for-skin ingredients are ethically sourced while the whole lineup contains no nasty ingredients including sulfates, parabens which mean they are safe to use. Plus, all its packaging are made from recycled materials. The best part? all their vegan-friendly formulas are designed for all hair types to deeply nourish and repair locks, leaving them stronger and full of life whilst promoting growth. Thus, by using their high-performance TRIO, you can say BYE to the the dry, dull and damaged hair and HELLO to the sleek, soft and shiny hair.

Repair & hydrate shampoo HKD270/330ml

If your hair is so dry and dull, I would recommend you this flagship product! It’s packed to the brim with natural magic ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil that deliver powerful results in just 10 minutes. By slathering the mask onto damp, clean hair, it instantly works to deeply nourish and restore hair health and shine while also promoting growth. I’ve used just ONE treatment and softer, smoother, and more manageable hair has been back! With this mega-multitasker, you can get a salon-quality result at home like me.

Repair & hydrate shampoo HKD270/330ml

Love at first wash! This cult favourite shampoo is made to gently cleanse and hydrate brittle locks with avocado and coconut oils while promoting growth of longer, thicker locks. Designed for all hair types and safe for coloured & bleached hair, time to give your mane the love it deserves.

Hair growth spray HKD270/100ml

Put your hand up if your hair NEVER grows past a certain length! Good news for slow-growing or thin hair! This game-changer contains caffeine and castor seed oil to stimulate the blood flow of scalp to promote the growth of healthier, thicker and longer hair. Just 6-7 sprays once a day, 4 weeks later, you will see the hair growth as if it has passed a YEAR! That’s how I survive when I have accidentally got my awkward hair cut LOL

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