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The Very Long-lasting Fragrance from the Netherland: Fugazzi

There are many reasons to wear perfume but for me, it helps manifest my character, mood and personality and I can mix and match my wardrobe with different scents everyday. For instance, I can spray the fragrance with tea or woody notes to show off my cool side or a blend of grapefruit to feel refreshed as a pick-me-up. But the most paramount part of a fragrance is its longevity. I don’t like keeping a bottle of fragrance in purse when I’m out, so I hope the aroma can last longer after I spritz it on when I leave home. When I pursue for my favourite perfume, I start to know more about it - the key to keep the scent stay longer is the concentration of the Extrait de Parfum.


Concentrations of different fragrances

As you may know, there are different strengths of perfumes by concentration levels such as Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Cologne. The fragrance concentration of Eau de Toilette is around 5-15% while Eau de Parfum is between 10-20%, even the Extrait de Parfum of most brands possesses 40% max. of fragrance concentration. Cologne isn’t made with traditional formula, it’s blended with citrus and herbal oils, so it has no a standard fragrance’s strengths.

When I first know about Fugazzi, the fragrance label from the Netherland, I have already fallen in love with the scent of its world-famous fragrance “Workaholic”. Its name is so special, so as its aroma. Blended with my favourite coffee, white musk, amber, sandal wood and Tonka Bean etc, it feels like having a cuppa charcoal coffee in a morning and so energetic to kick off a brand new day. When you read its notes printed on the bottle, you can see the fragrance concentration reaches 50% above, that’s why its scent stays that long and unique. Spray it on in the morning and you will indulge into you favourite scent all day long which makes your day!


High cost to up to 50% Extrait de Parfum

Inspired by the travels to Ancient Egypt with his grandfather, the founder of Fugazzi, Bram Niessink determined to create the unisex scents from pure, cruelty and paraben free ingredients, hoping the scents will last longer and safe to use. This makes his fragrances produced from up to 50% ultra-long lasting Extrait de Parfum which has rather higher cost, allowing the wearer to keep the aroma without another spray in a day.

To make it unique, the fragrances contain two odourless plant-based ingredients, Coleus forskohlii and Camellia sinensis. The former has been used since ancient times in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine while the latter is native to Southeast Asia which has been used for over 5000 years as a tonic. They are synergistically combined to reduce the feelings of nervousness and tension. Can’t wait to try them on?

Its first ever fragrance is Parfum 1 and it gained all the positive comments from the professionals after its debut  in 2019. Fresh top notes are citrus and blackcurrant with woody undertones of Sandalwood and unisex scent Musk, as if you were enjoying the beautiful sunshine in an orchard. The scent makes you feel more relaxed and warm that allowing it being so unique and different from other traditional blending. From the mountainous regions in North East India, to Mediterranean Spain, this fragrance contains ingredients from all around the world. A nod to its boundless nature, both across time and space. 


Bram Niessink hoped that his fragrances were to open up a conversation. People would come over and ask “what’s your fragrance’s name?". He reckoned that fragrance were like a person’s outlooking, it could act as an important facet to make the individual stand out from the crowd.


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