Skin-brightening Q&A: How to Remove Pigmentation?

Asian girls strongly believe that “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults”. Whether a Korean, Japanese, Hongkonger or Taiwanese, whitening is always the top priority among their skincare concerns. Dark spots are not only the marks on your face but also serve as an alarm of skin aging.  After 25+ years old, every girl should learn the remedies to keep your skin brightened or it will be too late to use brightening serum and cream when one spot etches your face in one random morning.


I have piled up the points about whitening and fighting hyperpigmentation below so you can arm your skin to combat the melanins with no fuss. On top of that, I have also picked 5 high-performance brightening serums that I will stock up again and again. Crave for a brightening baby skin? It’s easy as a pie!


Skin-brightening Q1: What is the best time of applying skin-brightening serum?

It is ideal for night-time use to make its strongest impact on your skin. As your body undergoes its natural repair process while you are asleep, and when you have a more relaxed soul, the serum effects will be leveraged, not to mention there is no uv exposure at night. Of course, I don’t mean that you can only use it at night but if you forget to slather it on during day time because you rush to work, then you can’t miss it again when the sun is set. Using the skin-brightening serum twice a day, both morning and night will be the most effective and efficient to fade your dark spots.


You should apply the skin-brightening serum after your face wash and toning, then wait until it’s absorbed fully by whole face, apply it again on the targeted spot areas for additional treatment.


Best pick: Epionce MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum

Founded by an American dermatologist, Epionce is specialised in treating children eczema and skin allergy and the brand is safe to use for sensitive skins. This nighttime spot-removing essence works to keep dark spots at bay and apparently reduce spots. Reviews say that its result is long-lasting and it can help brighten and correct the visible appearance of dark spots on the face with continuous use.


Skin-brightening Q2: Why do I have dark spots even I apply the skin-brightening serum everyday?

Lifestyle habits count! For instance, without applying sun-protector, sweet-tooth and frequent bubble tea intake will directly affect your skin condition as well.

Whether you stay indoor or outdoor, sunblock is always the last step in your skincare routine to combat the vigorous UV rays. Sweet food contains sugar that is hard to metabolise and causes glycation, resulting in collagen to deteriorate, become yellow and harder etc, and so the skin turns dull, rough and loosen. Thus, if you wish to own a brightened yet smooth skin, you have to quit the bad lifestyle habits above. Plus, remember to put on a brightening, hydrating mask frequently.


Best pick: Botany DNA SERUM #4 (Vitamin C Illuminator)

Botany is an Australian natural brand which all products are made with organic and natural ingredients and produced in accordance with strict international environmental protection guidelines. Infused with essential oils, the pleasant scent attracts those keen on natural skincare and aromatherapy. I particularly love its high quality therapeutic-grade vitamin C from Japan with the best absorption rate into the skin. In addition, it is blended with luxury pure oils and natural hydrating ingredients to scavenge free radicals and promote synthesis of collagen, leaving skin radiant and healthy.


Skin-brightening Q3: Does Vitamin C work better Orally or Topically?

Vitamin C is the must-have ingredient for skin whitening whilst there are a lot supplements superpacked with Vitamin C. So, supplementation of vitamin C versus topical application, which one is better? Answer must be topical application! First, you must be sure that you can read the nutrition label of those skin brightening supplements before you intake them because if the ingredients are not pure enough, they may affect your health adversely. Even you have shopped the best brightening supplements in town, vitamin C still requires the absorption in intestine, however its high concentration has already been diluted before it reaches there.


In short, topical application of brightening serum, especially targeting the spot areas, will be far more effective and direct than consuming brightening supplements. 



Six Gldn is an American niche brand. This serum is superpacked with potent vitamin C essence that helps skin illuminate. Meanwhile, it prevents the UV damage to skin and thwart the production of melanin. It is sure a winning hyperpigmentation weapon. I keep stocking it up because it uses the PhytoActive Complex blended with Angelica root, Burdock, Licorice and Ginseng to repair skin and build up a natural barrier. Transforming the Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs) into skincare products is another way to keep your skin healthy and young.


Skin-brightening Q4: How to choose brightening serum if having sensitive skin?

Vitamin C, AHAs and salicylic acid are common ingredients in whitening serums. However, it is not suitable for sensitive skin to use AHAs products because they may lead to a more fragile skin. You can either choose a hypoallergenic whitening serum, or test it on small areas such as neck or behind ears before use, then only apply it onto face if there is no reaction.


Best pick: Elysia Redoleo The Glow Getter Miracle Essence Set

This Japanese luxury brand is suitable for sensitive skin because this set includes one ER whitening miracle essence and seven Silk fibroin ampoules. Wait, what is ampoule? It is a hygienic and upgraded version of serum. Use one ampoule every night to ensure the essence remains the highest quality and freshest condition. Thus, ampoule is my all time fave! This essence set helps to control melanin production, serves up anti-pigmentation and instant whitening whilst being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Perfect for sensitive skin!


Skin-brightening Q5: Is Laser the best treatment to fade dark spots?

Though laser treatment only requires 3 to 6 times to reduce the dark spots, its power is big enough to dehydrate your skin whilst reducing your oil secretion, causing some skin problems such as dehydration or even skin burnt, redness, blister etc. Thus, you’d better consult professionals before starting the treatment.


Best pick: Epionce MelanoLyte Tx

Since we still have no idea when the beauty parlours will re-open, we can’t book our laser treatment even we want to. So, just stay home and slather your brightening serum on your face in bathroom first! You can combine this essence with the Epionce MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum aforementioned to leverage the brightening result. Good news! Upon any purchase of Epionce products over $500, you will receive a Epionce Lytic Gel cleanser or Milky Lotion Cleaner 30ml (valued at $98), while supply lasts. Bring it to cart now!


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