Hair Loss in Women: 5 Causes & Prevention

There are many reasons for women’s hair loss - hair dye, tight braids, stress etc. We’ve pinpointed the most common 5 reasons causing increased shedding. So, just spend 5 minutes to read this to  figure out your problems and counteract them, you will thank me.

Cause 1: Hair Dye

The truth is…you won’t stop colouring hair once you start so. When your natural hair color comes in from the root as your hair grows, you already plan the next hair-dye schedule with your stylist. However, the colouring always contains a lot of chemicals such as p-phenylenediamine a.k.a PPD or p-Toluenediamine a.k.a PTD which may cause allergy and itchy sensation to your scalp. 

Moreover, if you bleach your hair, not only does it affect the scalp but also the cuticles. Cuticles are the outermost part to protect the hair shaft. Bleaching will weaken and disrupt the cuticles by its chemical ingredients, so your hair becomes drier and more fragile to break, if the case is getting worse, it may even lead to alopecia.

If you like to dye hair routinely to match with your outfit, makeup or follow the newest trend, we recommend you to intake some anti-hair-loss food suggested by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner to prevent more hair fall, so you can stay pretty with new hair color without severe hair shedding. If you are a lazy person, anti-hair-loss supplement can be your option too.


Cause 2: Tight Braids

Women having volumized long hair can try different hair-dos but do you know if you tight your braids or pony tails too tight or often, it will cause you hair to fall out? Stylists explained that the girls always wear hair in a tight high-buns, bubble braids, fishtail ponytail etc. When they pull on hair repeatedly for an extended period, it may cause tension and prolonged stress on hair follicles and lead to hair shedding.

Thus, we recommend you to loose your neat hairdos a bit and avoid pulling hair too hard. Not only can it prevent hair loss but also creates an airy, volumized effect to your hair style. To add bonus, it shows a Korean-styled laid-back vibe! Plus, try to release hair and let your scalp rest regularly.

Cause 3: Stress and Tension

There’s a slang called “get in someone’s hair”. Tensions and stress always affect the hair density. From the concept of TCM, people with anxiety are usually “lack of heat” (yang is less than yin within the body), causing problem of renal yin while depression of liver can’t be solved. If you are suffering from high levels of stress, you may experience endocrine and menstrual disorders, and all these health problems will lead to hair fall. 

We all know that all city dwellers always suffer from different kinds of tensions and stress but if you really crave for healthy, shiny black hair, you have to learn how to relieve your stress. You can try to massage the acupuncture points of head to stimulate the follicles for hair growth whilst easing your tension.


Cause 4: Crash Dieting

Keeping fit is every woman’s ultimate wish but some of them may go too far if they are on diet. 

From the concept of TCM, hair condition depends on the blood and liver. On-diet will lead to nutrient deficiency thereby causing qi and blood deficiency, results in hair growth difficulty. In addition, air growth requires intake of proteins, minerals and iron etc, restrictive diets can cause hair loss as a result of nutrient deficiency. Your follicles need to be fed with adequate nutrients, that’s why you may notice hair shedding if you are going on a restrictive diet, this phenomenon is known as telogen effluvium.


Cause 5: Pregnancy

Not only morning sickness or reluctant to eat, hair may also go into the resting phase until delivery if you are pregnant. When new hair grows, the new one will push the old one out which causes excessive hair shedding. Hair loss becomes more severe after 4 months of labor, usually it will resume to normal after 7 months and brand new hair grows out. 

However, some new moms may experience emotional instability or depression, it may lead to hair fall as well. So, apart from using natural anti-hair-loss shampoo, remember to relax and relieve your stress. Only when you are having good time, baby will feel your positive vibe and smile at you as return!


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