5 Hacks to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Thin hair is a common concern of many girls. Causes range from repeated hair-bleaching, using inappropriate shampoo, pregnancy and hereditary issue etc and they will finally lead to hair loss. Using natural shampoo and consuming anti-hair loss food may somehow help your hair grow a bit but they’re so time-consuming and takes ages to transform. So, we editors suggest you all lazy girls using some styling hacks to create the illusion of thicker-looking hair that make your hair goals come true.

Of course, these tried and tested ways may help you achieve a fuller, thicker hair look but if you do want to tackle the thin hair problem and put life back into your hair, you should treat it seriously by using natural shampoo, changing your hair wash methods and consuming anti-hair loss supplements.

Thin Hair Hack #1: Using straighteners for hair roots

If you want to fake the look of voluminous hair, you can’t have a layflat hair style or your hair only shows less than usual. You can try to use a straightener and clamp the roots for a fuller appearance at your crown. First, divide the hair into two layers - top and bottom and tie up the bottom part to ensure all strands will be styled. Wait for 3 - 5seconds when you place the flat iron on the roots. Then loosen it gently for adding volume into your hair. Repeat this process until both layers are done. Ta-da! You will end up with roots that have density.

Thin Hair Hack #2: Section your hair

Hair stylist suggest that if you have thin mane look, middle parts will only make you hair lay limp which looks thin on top. You can try a deep side part with Zig-zag parting method, meaning flipping strand of hair to left then another to right and so on. This hack will camouflage the sparse hairline and get more lift from your crown.

Thin Hair Hack #3: Opposite blow-dry

Volumized hair style seems to look more dense and so you can add body to fine, flat hair. Hair stylist recommends that you could blow dry hair with opposite direction of the root after hair wash. You will see the huge difference after you comb it which leaves you with an instant fullness.

If you wish for a more dense look, you can first blow the end of hair before the roots. Since the end of wet hair shaft is much heavier and will easily cause a flat top, blowing dry hair end can help lower its weight. At last, blow dry the roots with opposite direction to achieve a significantly fuller look.

Thin Hair Hack #4: Get some layers cut in 

Some girls might think that leaving their hair grow longer will help it look more dense. However, hair stylist points out that if there’s no regular hair cut, your hair will be less healthy and it grows slower than usual. To keep your hair healthy, you should have the hair cut once every 3-4 months, so it helps weak and thin hair look thicker.

On top of that, you can choose the to have a layered and piecey cut, for instance the most popular “princess cut”, meaning a blunt cut bang with chin-length sides whilst keeping the rest of long hair reaching arms and chest with layers. Despite the thinning hairline, it will help create the illusion of thicker locks.

Thin Hair Hack #5: Darker hair dye

The cult-favourite milktea- or tea-hue hair color among the Japanese and Korean girls may not be suitable for you if you have thin hair ‘coz light color will only make hair look soft yet light in weight, so if you already have fine and thin hair, it will sadly tend to look even thinner! Generally speaking, the darker you go, the more depth you create. So, next time you should try darker color to develop dimension in hair. Plus, the chemicals in bleaching agent is harmful to hair shaft and scalp so as the hair condition. That’s why having thin hair should opt for dark or natural hair colouring or else you will loose it in another way round.

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