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Under Eye Wrinkles: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

As we age, we suffer more from skin problems around eyes - under-eye wrinkles, crow's feet, eye bags, dark circles and fine lines etc begin to form. All these problems make you look more tired or even older than you actually are. Here, we outline what causes these skin problems and what you can do if you have them.


Cause 1: Aging

Women aged between 21-22 reach the peak of hormones secretion while around 30yo, the amount of hormones drops to 85%, and it keeps dropping by 15% every 10 years. Horrible? Hormones affect the skin appearance whilst the sebaceous gland secretion reduces as well. The support of skin is weakened hence your skin starts to age. When the skin around eye area becomes thinner, more skin problems will show up. That’s inevitable. 

Cause 2: Bad Habits

If you are lack of sleep, stay up late, suffer from stress or rub your eyes all the time, then you may have a higher chance to get those fine lines and wrinkles as these all speed up the appearance of skin-aging! Lack of sleep and staying up late will hinder the blood circulation around eye area which causes puffiness, dark circles and eye bags. Rubbing and tugging eyes keeps pulling the fragile skin around eyes, so the muscles sag easily and crease over time.


Cause 3: Poor Application Of Eye Cream

Pulling on skin around yours eyes too hard could be one of the causes too. Use your middle and ring fingers to carefully pat the eye cream around eye area, from inner corner to upper lid, outer corner and under eye in circular motion until it’s fully absorbed. Try not to pull the skin which is too close to eyes. Don’t forget the eyelids - applying the eye cream all around the eye area to achieve the ultimate protection and moisturization.


Cause 4: Lack Of Moisturization Of Eye Cream

When Fall has arrived, the humidity in air drops, dry and dehydrated skin is more prone to succumbing to fine lines and wrinkles. But why? Perhaps your eye cream isn’t rich enough to meet the dry season. Try to use eye serum prior to eye cream or change another super-rich moisturisers. One point to note, if your have oily crease when having eye makeup, do not use those eye cream with sticky, greasy texture to avoid milia formation and wrinkles appearance.  Nowadays, there are more and more electronic eye massager, pair it with eye serum or eye cream will help tightening eye muscles.


Change of Habits to Diminish Under-eye Wrinkles


Though we cannot really reverse the clock, we can slow down the skin problems around eye area when we age. Keep scrolling to learn everything you'll ever need to know to get rid of these lines.


  1. Change Your Poor Sleeping Habit
    Sleep and wake up early! 10pm - 2am is the golden hour for body restoration. Have a beauty sleep between this time slot to look healthier, smoother, and plumper the next morning.
  2. No Rubbing Eyes
    Rubbing and tugging eyes may cause you Chalazion due to bacteria infection and sagging skin. That’s my real-life experience - rushed to the ER in the mid of night because I rubbed my eyes and caused infection. Poor me.
  3. Use Eye Serum And Suitable Eye Cream
    As we have mentioned above, especially it’s Fall season now, if your daily eye cream isn’t moisturized enough, you can add an eye serum with high moisturising power in your beauty routine then pat in the eye cream. Of course you have to choose your suitable eye cream - if you have oily skin, do not choose those with greasy texture. If you have no ideas which eye cream to add to your vanity, go and check our editors’ pick!
  4. Be Gentle With Application
    It’s paramount to be gentle when you apply products. Remember, always use your ring finger to carefully pat in a product. If you don’t remember the circular motion, just pat it gently until it’s all soaked in.


Hopefully you now know more about the causes and prevention of under-eye wrinkles. Build up a good habit bits by bits and you will make an impact! Promise. Copyright © 2021 South China Morning Post Publishers Limited. All Rights Reserved.