The 10 Best Eye Care Products in 2022

What skin concerns bother you most? Eye lines and underage bags I bet! That’s why many girls spend most of the time and effort on eye care everyday including me, as fine lines around eyes only make us look older than the actual age! Asian’s eye area is normally thinner and more delicate, so the earlier we take care of our eye area the younger we look! Today, I have curated a range of anti-aging eye creams for you all, hopefully you can find your best fit ones!

Best Eye Care Product #1: EVAGARDEN Seacaviar Eye Cream 15ML $540

This eye cream is supercharged with precious sea caviar ingredients which can combat skin aging. With rich natural anti-aging actives, it can improve puffiness and dark circles. The fresh, fragrance-free texture is especially suitable for sensitive skin around eye area. 


Best Eye Care Product #2: SIBU Age Defying Eye Cream 15ML $188

SIBU is a famous wellness and natural skin care brand with sea buckthorn in the US. Its Age Defying Eye Cream is very cost-effective, infused with natural sea buckthorn pumpkin seed oil formula specially formulated for sensitive and delicate eye area, it can tighten the fragile skin around eyes, smooth and reduce fine lines, dark circles and eye puffiness. It is suitable for all skin types thanks to its natural formula.


Best Eye Care Product #3: NATURA SIBERICA Royal Caviar Revitalizing Eye Cream $350

As the first organic high-quality cosmetic brand in Russia, Natura Siberica has its own organic farm. I highly recommend its Royal Caviar Revitalizing Eye Cream. Loaded with black fish roe extract, it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins for effective smoothing, anti-sagging and collagen density stimulation. Blended with Omega-6 complex and Rhodiola rosea extract, it nourishes skin whilst correcting puffy eyes and dark circles.


Best Eye Care Product #4: Sonäge Luster Eye Crème 15ml $300

Infused with aloe vera, water-soluble collagen, provitamin B5, vitamin E etc, this natural Sonäge Luster Eye Crème is featured with a refreshing texture and targets wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and aging under-eyes, allowing you to restore a pair of mesmerising eyes.


Best Eye Care Product #5: Wildsmith Skin Active Super Eye Serum $830

This eye serum is packed with high-efficiency and natural anti-oxidant repair ingredients including Elderberry Flower which is rich in flavonoids and other polyphenolic compounds, delivering super-powerful anti-oxidising and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can it relieve fatigue skin, but also reduce the puffiness led by plasma entering skin cells, to correct the dark circles caused by poor sleeping quality. It is suitable for both delicate and sensitive skin.


Best Eye Care Product #6: FRANZ SKINCARE Wrinkle Away Red (3 EA) $410

Specially designed to correct dark circles and reduce visible signs of aging around the eye area, FRANZ eye mask contains Botox peptides to activate cells, thicken and firm the epidermis of delicate skin, maintaining the essential youthful collagen and elastin. Pairing with micro-current, it enhances the repairing power up to 6 times whilst infusing a boost of hydration deep down to eye muscles, so to enhance the moisturizing and shielding abilities of the eye area.


Best Eye Care Product #7: Aster Aroma Eyedeline™ Radiant Eye Gel $138

Combining two patented ingredients, Eyedeline™ and Argireline™, this eye gel is clinically proven to boost collagen and elastin production whilst enhancing bilirubin degradation to maintain dermis strength and elasticity, reduce vascular pigmentation, so as to improve eye bags, puffiness, dark circles and eye lines problems. Argireline™ hexapeptide works to inhibit the excessive release of nerve substances and affect the transmission speed between nerves and muscles, thereby reducing the appearance of expression lines and fine lines. Result is more obvious especially for eye wrinkles.



Best Eye Care Product #8: NATURA SIBERICA Lab Biome Repair Eye Cream $188

The main ingredients of this eye cream include postbiotic cloudberry, raspberry, peptide SYN®-Ake and vitamin E. It serves up repairing eye areas, relieving puffiness, expression lines and dark circles as well as restoring skin elasticity. It works best for those wake up early and suffer from fatigue and sleep deprivation.


Best Eye Care Product #9: TALIKA Eye Quintessence 10ml x 2 $521


This eye cream is a day and night 2 in 1 product. Featuring a more hydrated and richer texture, Day cream is easy to absorb and helps to reduce dark circles and eye bags. On the contrary, Night cream is formulated with a more refreshing texture. It can stimulate collagen production, smooth fine lines and crow's feet whilst firming and lifting areas around eyes and face, making it the most effective repair agent at night.



Best Eye Care Product #10: House of Immortelle Barcelona Miraculous Eye Elixir 10ml $480

Australian natural and organic skin care brand House of Immortelle's Barcelona Miraculous Eye Elixir contains helichrysum, rosehip, and arnica, not only can it eliminate dark circles and wrinkles, it also helps get rid of millet grains around eyes and fill up tear trough.



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