The Best Natural Scented Candle: Evermore London

If you have been pursuing an environmental-friendly, stylish lifestyle, I bet you would read the ingredient list when you purchase anything, or even check its packaging if it’s made of recycling or eco-friendly materials. Before I heard about Evermore London, I have no idea that home candles can be made with eco-concept like toxin-free and vegan. You can finally indulge into your chic lifestyle whilst protecting our planet.


Formulated in celebration of the nature

Guided by sustainable and eco-friendly principles, the founder of Evermore London, Sarah Bell insisted that her scents are crafted from nature, inspired by nature, and they are even named with the seasons and skies, oh-so-simple yet sophisticated. 


The blend of rapeseed and soy wax extends the longevity of scents

Most scented candles are made from paraffin wax which will cause a severe threat to the environment and also, a black smoke stain on walls. Some researches even showed that paraffin wax would cause a negative effect to your eyes and respiratory system. That’s why the candles of Evermore London are another cleaner option for you because they are made of rapeseed and soy waxes, the more natural and cleaner ingredients. Bonus is it is toxin-free whilst producing no black soot. Did I mention that its natural scent lasts for longer time with a large scent throw too?


The speed of burning candles depends on the wick


Question time: do you know how to extend life of your burning candles, create an even burning and minimise the amount of black soot released? All the answers lie on the candle wick. A good candle wick helps the candle burnt cleaner and more even, and it allows the melt pool to reach all edges of the candle within 2-4 hours without creating a “tunnel”. That’s how Evermore London’s candle wick works. If you want to maximise the life of your candles, make sure that the entire top layer right to the edge of the jar is molten for the first burnt and it may cost you around 2 hours. If you don’t have spare time to wait for it, just light it up next time instead.


All natural made candle wax

You may notice that the whole Evermore London candle is black in color - because it doesn’t undergo a bleaching process. By blending the 100% natural vegetable waxes with botanical essential oils whilst adding a cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic concentrated oil-soluble liquid called Eco Liquid as colourant, the candle itself finally sits inline with the colour of the glass. And all the glass jars are recycled when each box is FSC certified & recyclable. From the hand-poured wax to the packaging, the Evermore London scented candles are all natural and cause no harm to the nature - that’s the reason why you have to support!


What I love most is Evermore Moon Candle. Blooming under the light of the moon, nocturnal roses unfold at midnight. Notes of delicate rose petals and spicy hints of saffron hover over a rich smoky base of vetivert and cade, which makes a warm, cozy vibe in the bleak season!

Evermore London Moon Candle 145g $410

My another favourite pick is Evermore North Candle. Top notes of black pepper and cinnamon married with a mysterious base of oud, leather and tobacco as if you are spending a white winter in the North.

Evermore London North Candle 145g

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