3 Perfumes You Should Stock Up to Make You Smell Differently!

The French fragrance brand Etat Libre d’Orange inherits the freedom DNA of French people.  With an emphasis on creativity and innovation, it appears to be the one-of-a-kind perfume house. None wishes to smell the same as the others if a scent is a representation of one’s style and charisma which makes you stand out from the crowd. I have tried 3 hero fragrances from Etat Libre d’Orange recently, its special scents and longevity have blown the mind among my colleagues! If you wish to add a hint of femininity into your style, scroll down and read my user experience!

The Story

When Etienne de Swardt created his house of perfume in 2006, he gave it this name to honor his birthplace and what it represents. In South Africa, the Orange Free State was an autonomous sovereign republic which declared independence from British rule in 1854, so the brand name Etat Libre d’Orange meant independence. That’s why you can imagine that its perfumes are about liberty, passion with exuberance. From its perfume scents to names, they are all out of the box, perfect for those like adventures and creativity. 

Each perfume name originates from a historical literature background or a whimsical thoughts, attracting every single girl with just one spritz. 

Comments on EXIT THE KING

Being one of the iconic perfumes, Exit the King is created as if when a sovereign falls, everything collapses and disappears whilst a new soul rises and returns.

With combination of floral scents including Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley etc, it represents a luscious yet natural vibe. Aside from its floral odor, I feel like having a touch of soap as well, perhaps because of the Soap Foam and Pink Pepper in the top notes, it leaves it tender soft yet mischievous, suitable for those craving for bizarre things. 

I love to spray it on my wrist or neck to extend its longevity. What’s more? It lasts from 9am to 6pm that I can feel its strong odor in my whole day of work! 




This legendary perfume is inspired by the Spanish actor Rossy de Palma as the founder Etienne de Swardt wished to create a seductive scent for her. Thus, it is composed of plenty of Turkish Rose together with Patchouli, Ginger and Black Pepper as heart and base notes. A beautiful, sexy woman is deemed to be unreachable but as long as you become a knight to ride on a wave, you can cut all the thorns of rose and meet your princess. Thus, you will first smell a touch of rose, then a bit spicy note. It is a bit complicated but at the same time, you will never forget the scent in your life. It is worth to snag it home with this alluring charisma. 

This floral scent has amazed our whole editorial team! First, its Bulgaria rose smell is so pleasant, plus the ginger and black pepper, they make it special that you can’t find a similar one in market! You don’t need to worry that the one standing next to you smells the same as you!

Its smell is about 8-hour wear, so you can add one more spritz when you have happy hour with friends after work, then it can last for whole night long!



This is my most favourite one as its name is like a story-telling one. Its inspiration comes from the novel with same name “You or someone like you” written by a novelist Chandler Burr from Los Angeles. Its central character is a woman, Anne who married to a Hollywood director and lived happily ever after in LA. This perfume is set in LA, so if you like something cosmopolitan, you will fall in love with it!

Its top note is filled with mint, the freshness makes you indulge yourself in a dreamy exotic summer. In addition to lemon and grapefruit zest, it simply smells like a glass of Mojito with a sense of freshness and slightly drunk. Look no further than this perfume in summer time!

Most of the perfumes of Etat Libre d’Orange last 8 hour or above, so others can smell it other than yourself. My tip is to apply it on wrist and neck, or spray in air then enter that space, you will be surrounded by the odor, feeling like you are indulging in that vibe.




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