How to Choose a Unisex Fragrance That Keeps You Addicted?

You feel like wearing nothing but something seems looming around, allowing you smell so uniquely - that’s how Escentric Molecules works but, HOW?


We all love different scents like some favour the sweet floral notes while some like a fresh fruity scent but, have you heard about the perfumery pheromones? Today, we’d like to introduce you a 'Molecule' scent that almost none will say no to it  - Iso E Super.


With the woody- and ambergris-like smells, Iso E Super is an aroma-molecule that does not exist in nature but was synthesised in a laboratory. At first it was used to create the woody odor of homeware but then widely used in both men’s and women’s fragrances as it could act as a fixative to help scents last longer without changing them. Basically, you can always find a rather low concentration of Iso E Super in a perfumery formula.


Then, it all came in a sudden. The German perfumer Geza Schoen realised that the common denominator in all the fragrances he liked was that they contained a large dose of Iso E Super which was like a drug, he couldn’t never get enough of it, so he began to experiment this molecule. And then something intriguing happened, inspiring him to use it in as the main ingredient in his fragrance. One night he headed out for a drink with a friend and he suggested that they spritzed on nothing but the aroma-molecule itself. No sooner had they sat down at a bar, a woman approached them to ask about their fragrance. That’s how he knew that she was attracted by Iso E Super, this aroma molecule. 


Introduction of Escentric Molecules Escentric 01

After founding the perfumery brand Escentric Molecules, Schoen first product was Escentric 01 - containing an unprecedented 65% of the molecule, mainly for the extension of the longevity of the aroma. Aside from the woody, musky base, it is also backed by a fresh zesty chorus line of lime peel, hedione (green jasmine bud), orris accords that’s so fresh yet warming.


Introduction of Escentric Molecules Molecules 01 

His second fragrance was totally non-conformist - containing only the molecule Iso E Super. He firstly thought this one would appeal only to the artists and the freaks but he was wrong. Everyone loved this “transparent scent”. When you sniff it hard, it seems nothing at all but only a touch of soft woody character. However, once it melds with the wearer’s natural pheromones, it enhances their unique body smell which is so alluring. 

This cult-favourite fragrance molecule offers a unique fragrance for every wearer, both men and women. Today, Escentric Molecules has already landed, grab the chance to try it on now!

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