8 Hacks to Make Home Candles Last All the Time

When it comes to a chilling night, the whole room is filled with a warm, cozy vibe when a scented candle is lit up. Watching the bougie burnt to bring warmth whilst surrounded by the romantic yet soft scent is the perfect way to create the perfect ambience in winter, just like immersing in the happiness and harmony like what the “hygge” means in Danish lifestyle. But, it may cost a lot when purchasing a scented candle, especially those made from world-famous brands, they can be marked up to hundreds or above! So, let’s learn some little hacks below to extend their longevity and enhance their scent to make them worth!

Hack #1: Keep the entire top layer molten for the first burnt 

As the first time you burn the home candle, remember to keep it lit for about two to three hours. If you only have half an hour to spend, I would recommend you to use it next time. The idea here is that the top layer of the candle has to been molten to form a layer of wax oil before you extinguish it, otherwise it will create those dips or we call “tunnel”. The next time you light it up again, it will only get the middle part to be burnt, meaning the wax around the edge of the bottle will be wasted.

Hack #2: Scrape off the wax to save the lopsided top

If you unfortunately get this lopsided wax, no worries, we’ve got your covered! Next time when you burn it again, you can simply shift the burning wick to different directions. Then scape off the wax at around the edge of the bottle back to the middle, let it mix with the wax oil and form an even top later again. I know this sounds difficult but practice makes perfect right? I’ve tried several times to make it work too! So if you have spare time, you’d better keep the first burn until wax melts across the entire surface up to the sides of vessel.

Hack #3: Light it up with a match

If it’s a new candle, it’s ok to light it up with a lighter but if it’s used for a few times, the case may become difficult. For example the candle is 1/4 left, I would prefer using a torch burner or match which is safer.

Hack #4: Do not blow out the candle

Are you excited when blowing out the candles on birthday cake? But remember this is a scented bougie not a cake! As blowing out the flame will generate black smoke and your entire room will smell like smoke that destroys the whole ambience. You can choose a  candle snuffer or complimentary lid to put your candle out. It serves as an elegant ritual too!


Hack #5: Trim the wick 

Every time when you extinguish the candle, remember to trim it down to 0.5cm long which helps extend its longevity. If the wick is too long, it may release black smoke during burning and it speeds up the burning time. On the contrary, a curt wick length will lead to uneven burning and may create a hole in the middle which makes it more difficult to be burnt evenly in future again.

Hack #6: Use it ASAP 

The best burning moment is half year after the candle being made when the scent is the cosiest and softest. If you keep it for a long time, you may find a layer of light brown wax oil covering the top or the whole candle becoming soft. So, use it ASAP after you bring it home from the shop!

Hack #7: Avoid the sun and heat 

If your candle is made of vegetable wax, you may need to store it in dark and dry place to avoid it exposing to sunlight and heat in order to keep the scent longer. If you are an advanced scented candle user, you can use a parafilm to cover the candle seamlessly to avoid the scent fading. I know not all of you have the parafilm at home so I will use a cling paper instead which works quite well too!

Hack #8: Clean up the candle pot

Many girls choose the candle just for the pot because it can be used as a decoration to make your home look more stylish. But how? First, you need to make sure your candle has completely burnt down, then pour 60C hot water until it covers the wax left-over. Leave it for 15mins then wipe with a paper towel and rinse it thoroughly. Ta-da! It now becomes the perfect home deco!


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