How to Make Your Beauty Dream Come True: Depuravita Beauty Supplements!

With the boom of beauty industry, skincare is more than just topical application but many makeup gurus start to intake beauty supplements to treat and nourish your skin from the inside out. The point is, what’s better than enjoying a mouth-watering yet healthy chocolate whilst obtaining an immaculate skin?

It’s not hard to understand why Nutricosmetics is causing a storm within the beauty world as not only does the oral route brings benefits to cover your full body (imagine the body parts hard to reach with the hands) but we can also save our time to slather on tons of lotion and serum. Today, our editor’s pick is Depuravita, an Italian Clean Beauty brand that provides a wide range of beauty supplements which boast to combine skincare, nutrition and wellness, a holistic approach best for those searching for the most effective yet efficient and tasty, healthy solutions. 

The naturally made Italian beauty supplements that you can nurture and nourish your skin with no fuss!



To be frank, I am so prudent when coming with the oral beauty supplements as you can’t just randomly pick them without any mind and knowledge in your head - after all, it’s something that you consume into your body. But, Depuravita is the brand that I’m so confident with. Its headquarters is based in Lombardy, Italy and is harvesting all of its natural ingredients from a farm located on the edge of the Alps. It then produces the concentrated solution with these clean nutrients and blends them into the products to guarantee the results.

There is a wide range of products provided with different formula such as liquid, water-soluble powder, tablets and tea bags etc. They all serve up skincare, nutrition as well as wellness in one go which are ready to eat and time-saving. What a perfect gift for busy modern women!


Beauty Supplement Pick #1: Depuravita Collagen Chocolate 425g/HK$500( exclusive)


Raise your hand if you are a choco-holic! It is made of 100% natural, raw and vegan collagen chocolate - a unique formula that combines premium raw cocoa with Ceramosides™ to help promote the skin’s metabolic rate, anti-aging, lock in skin moisture as well as calcium replenishment. Beauty and wellness are achieved in one cube of Chocolate!


Beauty Supplement Pick #2: Depuravita Feed & Fit plus 235g/HK$580( exclusive) 


If you crave for a healthy dieting approach to keep fit, we’ve got you covered! This Feed and Fit plus is not the diet pills you had in mind! Blended with the power of superfood like Açai berries & Moringa to speed up the metabolism and help burn fat whilst suppressing your appetite and controlling hunger without causing adverse effect to your health. 


Beauty Supplement Pick #3: Depuravita Hello Wrinkles 290g/HK$350( exclusive)


Alongside with the food supplment, Depuravita also offers other oral beauty regimens. For instance, this Hello Wrinkles is formulated in powder that you can simply dissolve it into your drinks even when you are out. Packed with highly potent collagen peptides, powerful Q10 antioxidants, and essential minerals, Hello Wrinkles enables skin cells to lock moisture and recharge collagen levels, leaving your skin more hydrated yet plumper, and radiant-looking. Time to say “Bye Wrinkles”!


Beauty Supplement Pick #4: Depuravita Strong Bite Chocolate 425g/HK$500( exclusive) 


As time goes by, you will lose more and more calcium when you age, inevitably. This formula features 500 mg of Calcium and is enriched with minerals for each chocolate, promises to keep the bones strong and sturdy. You can now satisfy your sweet tooth whilst preventing the risk of osteoporosis, thanks to this every woman's best friend!


Beauty Supplement Pick #5: Depuravita Moon Skin 110g/HK$175( exclusive) 


Got your cuppa today? Designed for all tea-lovers, this beauty tea is infused with goji berries and blood orange essence, as well as healing leaves from Imperial China to brighten your skin tone, relax your soul whilst soothing inflammation and anti-aging. Stock it up in your office and get this luxury remedy in one teacup a day!



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