Best Picks : 4 Correct Ways to Apply Deodorants and Antiperspirants

When the Summer becomes hotter and hotter, the high temperature signal is hoisted almost everyday. Sweating does not only happen in an outdoor activity but once you leave home. Not only will you worry that you are parched or going to have a heatstroke, but sweating will also lead to annoying stinky body odor. Choosing a good and effective antiperspirant or deodorant definitely can help prevent this embarrassing moment. Some rumours say that deodorant will cause clogging pores and block the underarm lymph, even cancers. Here let us debunk these myths, share the correct ways of applying deodorants or antiperspirants and our best-picks!

Correct use of antiperspirant: Use it with moderate amount

Many say that antiperspirants will cause clogging pores and so stop you from sweating, which will lead to heatstroke but it is just a yes or no. There are many sweat glands and pores found in human bodies, though antiperspirants may temporarily block parts of pores, sweat can come out from other sweat glands to cool yourself down too. This is why you should not put it on your entire body but just parts of it. One point to add, there is no evidence that antiperspirants will block the lymph, so it will not increase the risk of having breast cancer.

Correct use of antiperspirant: Choose one with anti-bacterial formula

Anti-bacteria ingredients help to minimise the growth of bacteria whilst reducing the smell caused by sweat. Aside from spray-on and stick, you can also consider of pot. Scoop a pea-sized amount of antiperspirant with clean fingers, then massage it onto the needed areas.

Correct use of antiperspirant: Choose a mild formula

Some people claim that antiperspirant will lead to allergy or other dermatological inflammations but indeed, the cause of such is always due to fragrance. If you have sensitive skin, eczema or inflammatory skin, you should not use the antiperspirant consisting of alcohol, fragrance, preservatives or too much chemicals as they are more irritant and prone to dry out your skin or cause itchiness, redness, even hyperpigmentation under pits in long-term. 

Correct use of antiperspirant: Use before sleep

Many people apply antiperspirant right before leaving home or prior to sweating but in fact, it takes time to work, in which the aluminum salts take at least one night time to effectively plug the pores from sweating, meanwhile the plugs would not form when you are profusely sweating, that’s why applying it before bed is the most effective way. There is no evidence showing that aluminum salts bring harmful effects to bodies, and once you stop using it for a period of time, the aluminum salts will be dissolved, so no worries!

If you still worry that you don’t use it properly, you can consider an aluminum salt-free deodorant. It does not only prove your body odor but it is usually blended with anti-bacterial ingredients, helping you to keep your annoying smell at bay.

Best picks of deodorants >>> ZeroYet100 Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray  / ZeroYet100 Z1 Spa Deodorant Aluminum Pot

ZeroYet100 is a local Hong Kong brand. Its Z1 Spa Deodorant Aluminium Pot is naturally formulated while Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray also does not contain parabens, reducing the chance that it blocks the sweat glands and pores, meanwhile improving the stinky smell caused by sweating.



Best picks of deodorants >>> ZeroYet100 Z3 Refresh Deodorant Push up Stick / ZeroYet100 Z2 Woods Deodorant Aluminum Pot

Deodorant sticks are handy and convenient that you can carry it on flight as well, no need to worry about the limitation of spray bottle and volume of liquid. These two ZeroYet100 Deodorants are encased with stick and pot respectively. Both are portable in size, so you can bring them along when you are out. The Ylang Ylang in Z3 Refresh Deodorant and Lime in Z2 Woods Deodorant are antiseptics that help to kill bacteria, not to mention the Magnesium Hydroxide that is anti-odor and -bacterial.



Best picks of deodorants >>> Salt & Stone Lavender & Sage Formula Nº 1 Natural Deodorant / Salt & Stone Eucalyptus & Cedarwood Formula Nº 1 Natural Deodorant 

The American brand Salt & Stone has launched a range of natural, organic, cruelty-free deodorants which are free from alcohol, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates or GMOs, suitable for sensitive skins. To add bonus? Its hyaluronic acid regulates and moisturises skin without harming it.



Best picks of deodorants >>> Salt & Stone Bergamot & Eucalyptus Formula Nº 2 Natural Deodorant / ZeroYet100 Z5 Snow Deodorant Push up Stick 

Salt & Stone Bergamot & Eucalyptus Formula Nº 2 Natural Deodorant is infused with Bergamot & Eucalyptus oils, helping to cover up the underarm odor and it smells pleasantly before sleep too. If you concern about the natural fragrance when going to bed, you can consider the fragrance-free ZeroYet100 Z5 Snow Deodorant Push up Stick with unisex smell, it serves up antiperspirant effect and anti-odor etc.




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