5 Allergens Found in Hair Products to Avoid and Best Picks of Hair Masks!

Haircare is a paramount daily routine if your hair style is changed frequently. Aside from shampoo and conditioner, hair mask is one of the most liked hair care products. Recently, the Consumer Council tested 50 rinse-off hair masks, and 80% were detected with fragrance allergens, some even contained exceeding amount of highly allergenic preservatives. Today, I will share you the report of Consumer Council and recommend some useful hair products without allergens! Hair care never be that fuss free!

Hair Masks tested by Consumer Council & Harmful Ingredients to Avoid

  1. Allergenic preservatives MIT and CMIT - it helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms as well as prolonging shelf-life of the products, but it will cause allergy, burn, itchiness or even hair loss for continuous use. 
    - MIT(methylisothiazolinone) / CMIT(methylchloroisothiazolinone)
  2. Free formaldehyde - people with formaldehyde allergies may suffer from allergic contact dermatitis
  3. Methylparaben - a suspected endocrine disruptor
  4. Microplasticizer - induces a potential risk to reproductive system from excessive intake
  5. Fragrance Allergens / EU-Banned Fragrance Substances - causes skin allergies

Consumer Council-tested hair masks | Allergic hair products to watch out for:

  1. Amika Lifesaver Treatment Mask : 0.00315% of MIT and CMIT, exceeds the upper concentration limit of mainland China and EU(0.0015%)standards. Highest levels of allergenic preservatives.
  2. 2 hair masks from Watsons and Naturals by watsons : detected with free formaldehyde
  3. Opal One Minute Treatment : 0.009% concentration of HICC 
  4. KOSE Je L’aime, TSUBAKI, THANN : concentration of BMHCA lies between 0.0012% to 0.0047%, exceeds the latest limit from EU

Recommended haircare brands:

1. O'right 

Aside from environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing facilities , plus earning the title of "The Greenest Beauty in the World”, the Taiwan haircare brand O’right has formulated with natural ingredients as well, and free from MIT, CMIT, cyclosiloxane compounds D4, D5, D6, HICC and BMHCA. It has 3 line ups of shampoos to cater different needs of scalp and hair types, including excessive dying, excessive hair sebum and unhealthy hair.



2. Georgiemane

As an Australian haircare brand, Georgiemane has launched a wide range of effective hair products. Georgiemane repair & hydrate shampoo & 10 minute hair mask are both 100% vegan and cruelty-free while all good-to-skin ingredients are ethically sourced, not to mention free from nasty substances such as sulphate, paraben, MIT, CMIT, cyclosiloxane compounds D4, D5, D6, BMHCA, etc, making them safe to use.



3. Lavacqua

By discovering that the cistern next to volcano harnesses a range of natural minerals that are beneficial to hair, including Iron, Selenium, Copper and Zinc that leave hair shining, radiant and elastic, the American brand Lavacqua then infused the volcanic water into its hero Final Rinse Volcanic Water. It is free from the allergens suggested by Consumer Council, such as MIT, CMIT, cyclosiloxane compounds D4, D5, D6, HICC and BMHCA.


4. Dr Seed

Founded by Korean professional dermatologist, Dr.Seed emphasizes to extract the most fundamental benefits from the nature. Its products are supercharged with natural seeds, botanical extracts and potent actives whilst minimising irritations to skin - approved by EWG VERIFIED™ mark and skin irritation test! I particularly recommend the HeartLeaf & B7 Hair Repair Pack & HeartLeaf & B7 Aqua Treatment, in which both are free from allergens suggested by Consumer Council, such as MIT, CMIT, cyclosiloxane compounds D4, D5, D6, HICC and BMHCA. Long-term use will deliver you a sleek yet shine mane.



5. OMG

Produced in Japan, OMG haircare products are categorised into 3 shampoo collections - Scalp, Glossy and Airy. Specially blended with moroccan plant stem cells, collagen and sodium hyaluronic acid while no CMIT, cyclosiloxane compounds D4, D5, D6, HICC and BMHCA are added. Result? The formula helps every single hair shaft to revive without irritation!



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