5 Best Conditioners To Treat Your Hair in 2022!

I bet you must take a shower right after you get home during the 5th wave of pandemic. When shampoos and conditioners are the backbone of one’s hair-care routine, it is crucial to choose the best ones that fit your needs, such as anti-hair loss conditioner for thin hair or early bald; organic conditioner for sensitive skin or pregnant women while moisturizing conditioner is suitable for color-treated hair. Furthermore, the uses of conditioners on long and short hair are different too. Here below I have compiled the list of the best conditioners and corrects ways to treat your hair, so you can leave dull and dry hair a thing of the past!


Right ways to use conditioners - Long hair

The common fault is to use conditioner same as shampoo - slather them on evenly from hair root to ear. In fact, girls having long hair only need to spread the conditioner from ear level and down. After application, you can let it stay on your hair and clip the locks on top then start your shower, then rinse it off afterwards. By doing so, the ingredients of conditioner will be able to penetrate into your hair shaft for the best result. 


Right ways to use conditioners - Short hair

If you have short hair, you can apply the conditioner onto the hair ends just like hair gel does, and remember to avoid it touching the scalp. Same as those with long hair, leave it for 5 minutes after application then rinse it thoroughly, allowing it to be soaked up.


Common uses of conditioner for both long and short hair

Whether you have long locks or short, there’s one common way to use conditioner - only on non-dripping hair. Hair stylist of both Korean stars Rachel Park and Eun Hye Park, Kim Hyo-suk suggested that hair conditioner and mask should be slathered on damp hair but not hair dripping water. Since the water of hair will dilute the conditioner or hair mask, even lower its nourishing power, so she advised that the strands can be towel-dried a bit by twisting before applying conditioner.  

After learning all these hacks, keep scrolling down to see my favourite conditioners, that will leave your hair shiny and sleek, promise!

Best-Pick #1: Moisturizing conditioner 

Haircare products with tea seed are a hype amongst the eco-friendly groups in recent years. But, what is tea seed? It is a seed of tea leaf or fruits from tea tree. It consists of natural botanical saponins that can cleanse the sebum and bacteria without harming skin, that’s why it has garnered favorable reviews among people with sensitive skin.

The ROHASEED Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Conditioner is infused with organic tea seeds to condition the scalp, hair follicles and hair health. In addition, it contains ultra-fine hyaluronic acid with high permeability, which hydrates and locks moisture in hair, making it a must-try for girls with dry hair!



Best-Pick #2: Anti-hair loss conditioner

MD is founded by a medical Doctor that specialises in improving thin hair, hair fall and early bald etc. Supported by the scientific proofs and clinical testings, it is Hollywood celebrity-adored and popular among the American girls. Their anti-hair loss conditioner is rich in amino acids that are effective on nourishing hair shafts. I particularly like its power to strengthen scalp, so to solve the problems from the root, allowing the hair to grow healthily. Results will be doubled up if pairing it with anti-hair loss shampoo.



Best-Pick #3: Hair growth conditioner

Specialises in tackling hair loss, the Dutch brand Neofollics manufactures all of its products in the Netherlands and are compliant with existing EU regulations for safety use. The ingredients used in products are all scientifically proved to be effective in treating hair loss, like the blue copper peptide and biotin (biotin, one of the B vitamins) which are anti-inflammatory and are able to stimulate hair growth, while rosemary and cocoa oil can nourish the scalp, providing a stable environment for scalp growth whilst promoting hair health.



Best-Pick #4: Organic Conditioner

Botany is one of the most popular aromatherapy brands in Australia. I like its natural pleasant scent that I feel like I am having an exotic spa in Thailand whenever I wash my hair and shower, helping me relax my soul. This conditioner is packed with Finger Lime Caviar, Lilli Pilli and argan oil etc, helping to infuse moisture into hair locks and keep tangles and split ends in curb. Hair will become silky smooth and naturally shiny with long term use.



Best-Pick #5: Conditioner from Hong Kong

As an experienced hair designer with more than 20 years of experience, Marvin Lin has launched his own hair care brand OMG in 2007, and that of the products are produced and delivered directly from Japan. Marvin focuses on inventing products to meet customers' requirements for different hairstyles. Being a J-pop and K-pop follower, I definitely will choose the Airy Treatment formulated by Marvin, which contains Moroccan plant stem cells, collagen and hyaluronic acid etc, leaving you an instant weightless, bouncy hair that is full of youthful vitality.



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