4 Tips to Prevent & Treat Wrinkles, and How to Reverse Them

Wrinkles are permanent ridges on skin due to sagging, thereby forming creases and folds. There are different types of facial wrinkles such as expression wrinkles, forehead lines, crow's feet and nasolabial folds etc, and all these words are just freaking women out, I bet! Though facial creases and skin aging are inevitable, there are always ways for me to keep my face wrinkle-free for as long as possible. To maintain the healthy and rejuvenated condition of your skin, not only can you apply anti-wrinkle products to keep creases at bay but there are still some rules that can ward off your wrinkles - but, before sharing you those tips, let’s check why all these lines crop up!


Causes of facial wrinkles

There are two main reasons for the formation of facial wrinkles: intrinsic and extrinsic or two categories, namely static and dynamic wrinkles. As long as we know why these folds or furrows bedeck our faces, we can do something to correct them and slow down skin aging.


  • Loss of collagen - when we get older, we will lose our collagen in body whilst metabolic rate slows down and skin loses elasticity, therefore wrinkles and fine lines appear.
  • Damage of UV light - Beauty bloggers always emphasise sun-protection because the UVA, UVB will promote the free radical production to harm your skin cells, resulting in facial wrinkles.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle - smoking, alcohol and staying late will cause facial lines as these lifestyle habits will affect our body metabolism that might lead to a poor absorption of nutrients from skin.
  • Frequent use of facial muscles - too much facial expression will cause different types of dynamic lines. As we age, skin will lose elasticity and plumpness. If there is lack of treatment like anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products, it’s impossible to reverse the clock.


Wrinkle-reducing way #1: Sun-Protection

Before using anti-wrinkle products, protect your skin with sun protector first! We have talked about the UV rays accelerating the free radical formation, so applying sunblock can help lower the risk of skin cell damage, thereby preventing wrinkles, dry lines and fine lines.

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Wrinkle-reducing way #2: Anti-wrinkle products 

If you want to fend off the just-appeared facial wrinkles, you can try those anti-wrinkle products to minimise the appearance of folds or hydrate your skin with moisturiser and masks to keep your skin oil balance, therefore reduce the chance of wrinkles showing up.

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Wrinkle-reducing way #3: Medical-graded Treatments

If the furrows have etched your face for a long time, you might have to think about doing medical treatments to ward off the forehead lines and wrinkles, such as Botox, RF, Facelift, Fillers etc. There is a wide range of medical treatments available to help reduce fine lines on skin but there are always good and bad sides, you can do your own research before making your choice.

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Wrinkle-reducing way #4: Healthy eating habits

A balanced diet can feed your skin with adequate nutrition such as proteins and vitamins, not only can they help boost metabolism but also repair skin cell damage, thereby reducing wrinkles. I have listed out 10 anti-aging food before, you can try those diets and supplements to keep your wrinkles in check anytime.

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If you want to know more anti-wrinkle products, you can check these out!


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