The 5 Best Brightening and Moisturising Masks in 2022

You won’t miss a moisturising mask when we talk about brightening and moisturising. “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults.” is not just a cliché but it’s living proof. That’s why brightening and moisturising mask is always a must-have item on your vanity to add a long-term boost of hydration to your skin, thereby to accelerate the skin cell metabolism to remove the excess pigmentation and make the skin look more radiant. BUT FIRST…you have to know the correct application of the masks so as to maximize their effectiveness - especially sheet masks.

How to apply masks properly:

  1. First, remove your makeup and cleanse your face thoroughly to avoid the makeup or dirt residue
  2. Apply toner for extra cleansing whilst acts as an induction for absorption of face mask’s potent ingredients.
  3. If it is a sheet mask, whip it out and line up the mask with your face shape and gently pat it to the form of your face and remove the air between it and your skin until it adheres tightly. If there is some area not fit your face contour, you can simply cut it in a way that fits your face perfectly. When the weather is getting cooler, you can first soak it into warm water in advance, so you won’t have a cool, tingly feeling during application.
  4. Follow the laying time on package for the application but most masks only need to sit for 10-15 minutes. Try not to laugh during the application to keep it stay put.
  5. Most of the brightening and moisturising masks are featured with leave-on formula, so you can first massage it with the remaining essence to boost its absorption, then conclude with an emulsion or cream to seal the skin with a nutrient layer.


Best Brightening and Moisturising Masks:


Best-pick #1 : Franz Skincare Franz Jet Plus Brightening Dual Mask

Featured with 2 face sheet masks which are supercharged with 8 types of hyaluronic acids, 4 types of peptides and Vitamin C Complex to brighten and moisturise your skin in one-go! Apply the wet Enriching Face Sheet Mask onto your face first, then the now-activated Empowering Mask on top of the Enriching Mask. The microcurrent will drive the brightening and moisturising ingredients into 6x deep layers of skin. Remove it after 20-25 minutes which leaves your skin plump like quenching thirst with 8 glasses of water. Your skin will look brighter, suppler, smoother yet plumper, as if you have been done a pro-graded facial treatment. Grab one now and bring yourself a spa-level facial treatment in the comfort of your home.

Franz Skincare Franz Jet Plus Brightening Dual Mask $330

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Best-pick #2Seoulista Beauty® Brightening Instant Facial Multi Pack

Invented by dermatologists, the fermented coconut bio-cellulose sheet is infused with 30ml AHAs and vitamin C, which helps exfoliate, fade the dark spots and pigmentation whilst stimulating the production of collagen to prevent the damage to skin from free radicals. It is also rich in coconut for nourishment and hydration. Let it sit for 20 minutes and your tired skin will be revived, rejuvenated and hydrated. The mask adheres to every contour of the face, enabling the maximum infusion of the potent ingredients - five times more hydrated than traditional paper masks. To add bonus, it costs just $75! 


Seoulista Beauty® Brightening Instant Facial Multi Pack (3EA) $225

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Best-pick #3Seoulista Beauty® Diamond Radiance Instant Facial Multi Pack

With the same fermented coconut bio-cellulose sheet , this mask is like featured with an induction function - the combination of high potent AHA’s, Niacinamide and 7 active botanical ingredients helps kick away the pigmentation to leave your skin brighter, more even, hydrated and anti-oxidising. 


Seoulista Beauty® Diamond Radiance Instant Facial Multi Pack (3EA) $430

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Best-pick #4Elysia Redoleo The Glow Getter Miracle Masque

Originated from Japan, the Elysia Redoleo The Glow Getter Miracle Masque is a set of 5 pieces including 3 natural silk masks and 2 test tube facial masks. The former mask is infused with natural amino acid that injects your skin with water for better protection. The latter sheet is responsible to absorb the toxins and melanin for skin repair, brightening and anti-pigmentation, leaving your skin dewy, glowy.


Elysia Redoleo The Glow Getter Miracle Masque $350 (Original price $388)



Best-pick #5Torreya Lotus Anti-oxidant Mask (10pcs)

This trust-worthy Torreya Lotus Anti-oxidant Mask is supercharged with a whole bottle of nourishing essence. The lotus extract helps clarify and brighten the dull skin whilst the Eclipta Prostrata Leaf Extract is anti-inflammatory that helps soothe the redness of skin. The infused algae extract is rich in nutrients found in ocean that locks the moisture of skin to keep it hydrated yet elastic. The environmentally friendly algae fibre sheets are more adhesive than traditional sheet masks and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Torreya Lotus Anti-oxidant Mask (10pcs) $250


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