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Add Botany Aromatherapy Into Your Daily Skincare Recipe for Healing and Soothing Results

Packed with specific essential oils into skincare products, Botany can work magically to benefit your mind, body, and skin like no others.

“Aromatherapy”, synonym of tranquility like having a Zen moment in bedroom or bubble bath. But actually it’s much more than that - with the help of specific essential oils, they can benefit both your mind and skin. When using them topically on the skin, the essential oil infused skincare products will work hard to soothe, tone, purify, balance your skin and act as an anti-aging media. They can act as your daily mood-booster and complexion-booster that your skin deserves. 

The botanical-oil powerhouse Botany Essentials, established in Melbourne in 1997, has a spa-inspired skin care range which is 100% plant-based and infused with pure essential oils derived from leaves, grasses, herbs, spices, wood and flowers - the ingredient list reads like a botanists thesis. They serve up anti-oxidants, anti-aging and collagen supporting, anti-inflammatory for a better skin condition. Not to mention, it is perfect for those with sensitive skin too. Bonus is… the chic black and genderless packaging is just asking for a spot on your shelf. 




SILK & SMOOTH EXFOLIANT Petitgrain Leaf / Geranium / Coconut HKD248/55g 

Feeling dull and dry of skin? You need a “pick me up” to slough away the dead cells. This natural pine and coconut face and body scrub gently and effectively exfoliates and cleanses skin in no time, leaving it feeling smooth, clean and soft after washing off. Resurfaced skin can also allow your subsequent skincare products to sink in more effectively. Use it 2-3 times a week.

HYDRATING CRÈME Olibanum / Rosewood / Ylang Ylang  HKD188/100ml

Whenever the season changes, my skin will scream out for hydration, moisturisation and rejuvenation, anyone? Luckily I’ve found this miracle cream. This ultimate overachiever helps rejuvenate skin cells, brighten the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in one swipe.



HYDRATING MIST Witch Hazel / Quandong / Native Gardenia HKD208/100ml

Blended with native gardenia, quandong along with rose, calendula and witch hazel extracts, this all-time favourite hydration hero not only does it smell delicious, it soothes and protects against environmental pollutants with natural antioxidants too. You can spritz it in the morning to wake yourself up or during the midday to stay fresh to quench the thirst of your skin.

REFINING SERUM  Willow Bark / Marshmallow / Rosehip HKD358/50g

This antioxidant-enriched serum contains a host of good-for-you ingredients like stabilized vitamin C, marshmallow, willow bark and rosehip, delivering an intensive hydration and moisturisation whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and smoothing the complexion.  It’s definitely an overnight magic in a tube.

HAND & BODY WASH  Native Seaweed / Avocado / Gingergrass Martini  HKD258/500ml

I’m a wanderlust-lover, so I’ve been always finding a getaway amidst the pandemics. Thanks to the blend of native seaweed and avocado, this Hand & Body Wash has melded the natural botanical nutrients including sea minerals, vitamins A, C and E help to condition, hydrate and soothe the skin, leaving a fresh clean natural scent with the delicate aromas of gingergrass martini and citrus. End results? Vacation mode is ON! I feel like enjoying a 10- to 15-minute tropical vacation my body deserves in the bathroom.

LUXURY SPA & BATH FOAM  Jasmine / Rosewood / Geranium HKD238/500ml

Bring a spa salon to your home to soak away the day's stresses. Supercharged with coconut derived ingredients with 100% natural and pure essential oils, this soft lasting foam cleanses body effectively without drying the skin, ideal in bath, spa or Jacuzzi.


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