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How to Choose Fragrance to Be Seductive

Christmas is looming around! You may now focus on buying the gorgeous yet sexy outfits for parties but please don’t forget one of the most important elements of pre-date preparations: the right fragrance to make you smell more attractive - because perfume will help show off your enchanting side that appeals to men. According to an analysis from the University of Utah, sniffing or using smell to find the perfect mate is the instinct of the primates, that’s why both men and women will be attracted by each other’s body odor. So, wether you look for a closer relationship or wish him text you back the night after, fragrance will be your finishing touch of the entire seductive look!

However, how to pick the most seductive perfume to smell more sensuous and mesmerising when there is an array of scents to choose from like floral, woody, fruity, leather notes or even baby powder? Thanks to the a men research done by a Japanese magazine 《CLASSY.》, it shows that men at the age of 20 - 40 share different preferences on scents. So, if you wish your partner pamper you more, take a look at the result below and he will be mind-blowing for sure!

25yo below: Fresh Floral Notes

The young men between age of 18-25 like floral scent but leaning to fresh green essences instead of some powerful blossoming notes. So if your partner lies in this age gap, you can choose a springtime floral connotations like sakura or orchid which smell fresh and romantic yet subtle and sophisticated.

Age at 25 - 35: Sweet Fruity Notes

These young men are no longer those careless young boys but become more careerist and charismatic. As a mature grown-up, they eager to protect girls. So, they prefer girls smelling sweet fruity aromas to assert their virility. I suggest you choosing the unpopular fruity notes like blackcurrant or cherry which are so girly yet oh-so-kissable!


Age at 35 - 45: Powerful Floral Notes

Mature men always fall in love with sophisticated women. Rich floral notes somehow give a hint of mystery which is totally their cup of tea! For instance, the blend of lily and musk smells like exotic royal princess. If you want to have a more romantic vibe, you can simply spritz it on your neck and décolleté to be more alluring and flirty, who can resist this?


Universally-loved by men: Rose Notes

Regardless the age group, men usually favour rose-scented perfume as it feels like more tender and enchanting. Who can reject an alluring, sexy woman? To add bonus, spraying on the fragrance blended with rose note is just like waving a magic wand to your body and you now become so feminine that you can’t imagine. I would suggest you to use a rose EDT together with a rose-scented soap in daily routine, so you will be like surrounded by a valley of rose anytime when you meet your lover. You can even light up a home candle with rose flavour to create a romantic ambience for your unforgettable Christmas!

Universally-loved by men: Baby-powder Notes

Smell like baby powder, this scent always gives a touch of innocence and affection. It will drive the man his inborn desire to protect women and make him feel like a hero. Thus, may all strong girls, try to loose your heavy protective armour when attending to a date night and spritz on this fresh-scented fragrance to enjoy the moment being protected by your hero in mind.


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