The Sensitive-skin-friendly Vegan Brand You Have to Know

“Natural botanical” or “organic extract” are the buzz words in your head if you are prone to eczema, sensitive skin or even pregnant. However, how natural or how much botanical ingredients are infused in the product? There are oodles of these skincare brands on the market, which emphasise using natural botanical ingredients but indeed, their actives concentration is not that high. Some will use synthetic substances to mimic the plant based ingredients but since it is not easy to choose, source and apply the ingredients, an innumerable money, time and effort are spent. The synthetic skincare substances are cheaper with longer shelf life but it is not as safe and beneficial as the natural ingredients.


Founded for 10 years, the fan-favourite American natural organic skincare brand Blissoma makes it differentiate from them. It believes in the self-healing functions of body, as long as we provide our body a suitable environment and condition, our skin will be back to equilibrium. The brand combines cutting edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for the best of both worlds, and uses natural, raw plant ingredients such as the exclusive medicinal herbs and vegetable extracts. Each of their products contains 75% or more active ingredients. This drastically exceeds the cosmetic industry norm of 5% - 20% actives.


Their vegan formula is free from addictive, fragrance, petroleum compounds, harmful chemical components, on contrary, it is minimally processed and handled to maximize the amount of phytonutrients, resulting in a stronger self-healing and revitalizing process instead of irritating the skin, making it best for those suffering from eczema and sensitive skin! Here I have compiled a list of the best products of Blissoma.

Blissoma Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask - 58g

Infused with 18 natural actives including Ganoderma lucidum(reishi mushroom) , Japanese Mitten Mushroom and Organic Oat Milk etc, it works to penetrate deep into skin for deep moisturization and hydration, appeasing the redness, inflammation and irritating skin. This mega-multitasker has multiple uses - simply use it once or twice per week for ultra moisturization, apply a thin layer onto face after serum and moisturiser as an overnight sleeping mask or use it as body lotion or hair mask. 


Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting Serum - 38g

This hero extract essence serves up smoothing and correcting acnes. Supercharged with 13 exquisite herbs including Goldenrod, Organic Coriander, Fennel, Dandelion and freshly extracted botanical ingredients, the plant based vitamins A and B3 help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Result? Your red, sensitive skin is soothed and strengthened without large pores.



Blissoma Sacred Waters Tonique - 112g 

It is a water-based hydrating mist that helps detoxification and moisture lock. It is formulated with pure herbs and alcohol-, oil-free. The Organic Gentian root is a top-quality Chinese medicine and beauty medicinal ingredient recorded in ancient medicinal books, serving up soothing, calming and moisturising properties. Blended with Centella asiatica, Holy Basil, Brahmi, it boasts to deeply hydrate, purify, calm and stabilise the skin.



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