6 Best Silicone-free Shampoos You Should Buy

There are oodles of shampoos in market claiming silicone-free, but wait, do you know what silicone is? Silicones are often added into hair products to make strands look shiny and sleek. However, many people reckon that the silicone complex may have chance to cause follicles and hair shafts clogged which will lead to many more scalp and hair problems, such as hair fall, dandruff etc. Besides, since silicones allow hair look shiny and smooth, for those favour to volumized, bouncy hair may not like this hair style, so they’d better choose silicone-free ones. If you already can’t wait to shop a silicone-free shampoo, you may first take a glance of my best picks below!

Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #1: La Villa Vita Re:hair Shampoo 

Originated from Japan, this La Villa Vita Re:hair Shampoo is infused with Keratin, Apple Amino Acids and Hematin while free from many nasty substances such as sulfates, synthetic preservatives, added colors and silicones. To add bonus? It is formulated with sun protection against the UV rays damage and suitable for sensitive skin. It helps to repair damaged hair, delay graying whilst extending the longevity of hair color and curly hairstyle, not to mention the improvement of oily, limp hair and dry scalp. 


Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #2: NANOGEN 7-IN-1 LUXE Thickening Experience Shampoo for Women

Originated from the UK, this NANOGEN 7-IN-1 LUXE Thickening Experience Shampoo for Women has earned the 2019 Beauty and Wellness Award. It is dermatologically tested and free from silicone, SLS, SLES, ALES and preservatives such as MIT and CMIT. It serves up many purposes, including cleansing, nourishing, volumising, strengthening,  removing dandruff, promoting hair growth etc. Good news? It is now sold at 20% off upon purchase of two!


Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #3: Dr.SEED Super Seed Bomb Revitalize Shampoo & Treatment Set

Invented by professional dermatologist and perfumer, the Korean brand Dr. Seed Super Seed Bomb Revitalize Shampoo & Treatment Set is supercharged with 45 natural, good-for-skin extracts, including Bio-HGF hair growth factors, Black bean extract etc. It is specially formulated with harmless active interface foaming ingredient, and free from silicone, sulphates, paragons, GMs, DEAs, MEA, TEAs, synthetic colors and fragrance. It has also skin irritation tested and graded with EWG, all pregnant women and those with sensitive scalp are safe to use. There is a wide range of scents such as Bebe Musk, Rose and Iris Sherbet, worth to try!




Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #4: MD Nourishing Treatment Shampoo for Thinning Hair 

If you suffer from hair loss or excessive oil from scalp, you can give this a try! its silicone-free formula is blended with active ingredients to promote healthy hair growth. This mega-multitasker boasts to cleanse, moisturise, balance oil secretion, prevent hair loss and repair hair.


Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #5: ROHASEED - Tea Seed Nursing & Anti-Loss Shampoo

Blended with natural organic tea seed extracts, this ROHASEED - Tea Seed Nursing & Anti-Loss Shampoo serves up various purposes like deep-cleanse, anti-inflammatory, anti-itchy, dandruff removal etc. It can replace the chemicals found in common shampoos, that’s why it is not added with harmful substances such as silicone, paragons, preservatives, SLS etc. Not only can it clean and detoxify your hair and scalp, it can also regulate scalp, promote scalp self-repair to volumize your hair and prevent hair fall. 


Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #6: Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo 

Made up of various high concentrated, clinically proven ingredients for hair growth stimulation, Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo does not contain SLS, other sulfates, silicones and parabens and is suitable for daily use. It can protect and stimulate hair follicles to improve scalp and hair condition, perfect for those suffer from hair loss.


Silicone-free Shampoo Best-pick #7: Georgiemane Repair & Hydrate Shampoo 330ml

The Australian haircare brand Georgiemane has launched a wide range of effective haircare products, in which all are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, plus no harmful substances such as Sulphate, Paraben, Silicone etc, so you are safe to use! This vegan shampoo is supercharged with natural shea, coconut and avocado oil to gently wash and repair your dry yet fragile hair shafts, restoring your healthy, soft hair with elasticity. 



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