5 Best Brands for Sensitive Skin

Weather is getting dry, you may notice that your skin appears to be itchy, flare-up, flakey, cracked despite sensitive skin or not. Not only should you swap your summer wardrobe or diet habits like cooking some nourishing soups but also skincare products. It is an alert of allergic reaction if your skin feels stripped and itchy, meaning that you should switch to another formula. If you have sensitive-prone skin, keep scrolling to read my moisturising tips and 5 best sensitive-skin-friendly skincare brands our beauty team swears by, including BlissomaMarina MiracleMenokin etc!

What is sensitive skin? 

If you suddenly feel so itchy, you probably have itch-prone skin. You might think that you won’t have allergic problems if you haven’t changed any skincare regimens, that is a big wrong as your skin has to cope with traditional weather differently. When your daily skincare products are not enough to satisfy your skin needs, it will cause irritated skin woes. To fight against the transitional weathers, I would suggest using natural yet mild products. 

Moisturization is the key to appease sensitive skin!

If your skin appears to be chapped, cracked and flakey, the major cause would be insufficient hydration. Your skincare products are not effective to penetrate to deep skin so to dehydrate easily. Aside from drinking more water, you need a skincare product infused with a powerful hydration agent, not to mention applying moisturiser. Lock in moisture so your skin will be doused with water.

Sensitive-skin-friendly skincare brand #1: Blissoma 

Natural organic products are my new go-to now as they are so mild yet hypoallergenic, balancing my skin in long-term. The American organic brand Blissoma combines cutting edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge and uses natural, raw plant ingredients such as the exclusive medicinal herbs and vegetable extracts. Above that all, its skincare products are formulated with over 75% actives, far more than the others.

Its TonerMaskSerum are all vegan-formulated, free from additional preservatives, synthetic fragrances, petroleum compounds, harmful chemical components and heavy processing, so they won’t irritate skin nor force it to absorb the ingredients, making them the holy grails for sensitive skin!




Sensitive-skin-friendly skincare brand #2: Marina Miracle


It is not an easy task to find an appropriate skincare product for sensitive skin as they might be effective on combating breakouts and pimples but are quite irritative at the same time too. The award-winning Marina Miraclehas launched a range of products including MistCreamFacial Oil which are organic, vegan and cruelty-free. All their products are dermatologically tested whilst blended with the unique probiotics and 12 different microbiome to strengthen, improve and balance skin, pampering the sensitive skin gently.





Sensitive-skin-friendly skincare brand #3: Wildsmith Skin


Safe ingredients are the top priority for sensitive skin without leaving burdening to skin. As a niche English brand, Wildsmith Skin is one of the Clean Beauty brands as its Cleansing Balm has earned quite a lot of beauty awards. Supercharged with 8 luxurious botanical oils and 2 fatty acids, it helps wipe away the impurities of sensitive skin whilst serves up nurturing, smoothing and protection in one go. Besides, its Clay Refining Mask is well-known as “repair mask” since its mineral ingredients including Magnesium, Iron and Calcium can help repair your super-reactive skin gently




Sensitive-skin-friendly skincare brand #4: Menokin 

Vegan brand Menokin promotes minimalism, perfect for sensitive skin, pregnant women and eczema skin. The whole brand has launched 3 products only, ranging from Cleansing FoamSerum and Cream. They all are mildly formulated with safe and pure plant-based ingredients whilst minimising the unnecessary ingredients. After all, the simplest formula delivers the least irritated result. 





Sensitive-skin-friendly skincare brand #5: Atomu 

If you are suffering from super reactive skin, give the Korean natural brand Atomu a try! It has a series of products specialising skin allergy. Packed to the brim a range of natural, raw botanical ingredients, undergoing natural fermentation and purification processes for a long time with low-temperature extraction, its products bring zero burden to your skin. 






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