How to Use Beauty Oil If You Have Oily Skin

First, before we start the lesson, do you know what “Beauty Oil” is? It is the winter must-have skincare item. You can apply it onto your body as a moisture-booster or you can simply blend it with natural essential oils like some celebrities do in their facial skincare routine. The world-famous Bio-Oil even becomes the cult-favourite goodie among the western girls. So, here comes another question. Why is it so popular and magical? That’s the highlight of our lesson. We’ve studied a few uses and techniques whilst rounding-up some beauty oils that are suitable for oily and acne-prone skins, so you can let the true you shine through this season. Time to say goodbye to oily skin and hello to glowy, dewy skin you’ve been craved for years!


Many celebrities love using facial oils to achieve a supple yet plumped baby-skin, so we’ve listed out 4 reasons why they are are so in love into beauty oils:

  1. Your skin seems to be dry and tight in winter as your skin is exposed to colder temperatures and lower levels of moisture in the air, so you need a nourishment by facial oil.
  2. You are aging - not only the number of age but also the condition of your skin. Pigmentation, dullness, lacklustre can be soothed by facial oil.
  3. Beauty oil is anti-inflammatory which helps soothe the sensitive skin against irritation.
  4. Not only does it lock the moisture in skin, beauty oil can also build up a physical barrier to prevent toxins and damage from environment.


Correct application of beauty oils

Use it only after cleaning, toning your skin with hydration product’s on. Add a few drops of beauty oil onto your palm then dab on face to massage. Remember to hydrate your skin before applying beauty oil, so the moisture can be locked beneath skin to get it work more effectively. A few more reminders as follow:

  1. Different beauty oils can be used at different time in a day.
  2. Gently massage around your eye area.
  3. Store your beauty oil in a cool, dry location without exposure to sunlight.
  4. Beauty oil is different from lotion, it’s not a replacement.


PRO-tips for acne-prone skin

To be frank, most girls having oily skin or breakouts are reluctant to try beauty oil as they might think the greasy texture will make their skin problems worse. But the main cause of excessive oil secretion is actually dehydration. Thus, to address this problem, you have to remain the water-oil balance of your skin first. Only by doing this, you can stabilise your skin condition so as to say bye to breakouts! Here are some advices for you:

  1. Choose the beauty oil packed with loads of anti-oxidants
  2. Dab the oil onto skin gently instead of massaging
  3. First try the oil bits by bits, do not use too much at one time
  4. If you have breakouts on face, do not blend your oil into moisturiser or use it before moisturiser and lotion, as oil could easily cause bacteria, so inflammation, acnes and pores clogging may happen.
  5. If you find yourself having pimples, acnes after using beauty oil, stop using it immediately.


Recommended facial oils for Fall/Winter (suitable for acne-prone skin)

Suitable: Argan oil, jojoba oil, baobab oil, rose oil, grape seed oil

Not suitable: Coconut oil (may clog pores), sweet almond oil (more suitable for dry skin)

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