How to Choose an Aroma Stone Diffuser?

Do you like using aromatherapy to relax your body and body like me? Aside from the aroma diffuser, essentials oils and aroma stones are two other popular options. There is a wide range of aroma stones with different styles and appearance, not to mention its reasonable price, all of them are suitable for the mass or aromatherapy newbies. If you are planning to grab one home lately, keep reading and you will learn how to choose your best-fit aroma stones, aroma woods, essential oils etc. together with my personal recommendations! 


Aroma stone diffuser and essential oil: Principles and benefits

An aroma stone diffuser works when it absorbs and disperses scent through its tiny holes. Once you add a few drops of your favourite aroma oil, and its humidity is high than the environmental humidity, it will vaporise whilst dispersing scents at the same time. 


Easy to use is one of the various good points of choosing an aroma stone. You just need to add a few droplets on it without any additional tools like open flames and electricity. Bonus is, it can be used repeatedly without fear of causing accidents.


On top of that, the size of aroma stone is smaller than other diffusers like aroma diffusers. Did I mention that they all are pretty, petite and portable? They don’t cause any space but is capable to add a hint of style into your ambience. 




How to choose aroma stones and aroma wood?

The name “Aroma stone” doesn’t mean that they are all made of stones. There are still many materials to choose from, given that they can absorb and disperse the essential oils. Generally, there are aroma stones, woods, and candles but indeed, they are just made of different materials, such as natural stone, wood, porcelain, crystal etc. They make no difference on the functions as they all disperse the scent through their tiny holes.




Best-picks of aroma stones and how to choose them?

When you want to pick an aroma stone home, you can consider the appearance or materials, and also the style matching with your interior decoration. Besides, it is recommended that you choose a quality brand to ensure that it is free from harmful materials, durable and easy to store.



Best-picks of essential oils and how to choose them?

Remember to choose a pure, natural essential oil when you purchase an aroma oil to match with your aroma stone, or it may release detrimental materials and harm your body.  What is more, always choose an essential oil based on your needs and benefits. For instance, you should avoid placing an aroma stone with an invigorating oil next to your bed, or else it may affect your sleeping quality.




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