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10 Top Anti-aging Food for Collagen Boost

Moisturization and brightening are the key skincare wishes for every girl in all time, did I mention anti-aging too? When you are 25+, metabolic rate is dropping gradually which means you have to start using anti-aging skincare products to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. But the problem is, skincare regimes for 25+, 30+ and 40+ are so different that you can only craft your own custom routine and suitable products to suit your skin needs.

“You are what you eat” is not just a cliche, it’s so true because what you eat shapes all aspects of aging and will be reflected on your body directly. Good news is, skin-aging is something you have control over - by putting on various luxury products AND boiling down to primarily one thing: your diet. Change your body from inside and let the the true yet young you shine through. We have picked 10 TOP anti-aging food for you that are guaranteed to turn back the clock. Let’s check them out!

Top-pick 1: Peach Gum Fruits for collagen boost

Aging-skin means sagging and lack of elasticity, that’s why we need a collagen booster. But how? Consume more proteins in diet! Another essential cofactor is Vitamin C which can stimulate the synthesis of collagen within our body. Peach Gum is rich of proteins, cheap in price and low in calorie, pairing it with a variety of Vitamin C-rich food like kiwi and orange will help accelerate the collagen production that supports our skin to keep us look younger and plumper.

Top-pick 2: Nuts for strengthening skin’s barrier

Consuming Vitamin E-rich food is a must! It can strengthen skin’s resistance against damage and revive again. Avocado, nuts, egg yolk and whole grains etc are a great source of vitamin E. The Health Department recommends us to intake around 14mg Vitamin E a day. To avoid consuming too much fat, we should not intake more than 30g Vitamin E, meaning a palm size amount.

Top-pick 3: Salmon for preventing skin-aging

As the local cult-favourite sashimi choice, Salmon is rich of essential omega-3 fatty acid, not only can it prevent skin-aging, but also moisturising skin, preventing acnes and soothing inflammation. Bonus? It can lower the blood pressure and maintain the health of nervous system. What an all- rounded food for anti-aging!

Top-pick 4: Green Tea for anti-oxidation

Craving for the Japanese girls’ perfect skin? Working hard on skincare routine is the key, another reason is their diet habit - green tea. Green tea consists of polyphenol which is a potent antioxidant to combat the signs of aging, promote slimming result and keep you look pretty. But that’s not all, it can even prevent diseases! That’s why we recommend you to drink a cup of green tea a day to help slow down aging. However, it’s not suitable for those suffering from abdominal problem, as it may stimulate your stomach and worsen the case.

Top-pick 5: Tomato for anti-oxidation and prevent sight problems

Supercharged with natural anti-oxidant, tomato helps safeguard your skin against the damage of free radicals. Tomatoes are high in lycopene which are fat-soluble, the cooked tomatoes consist of 2-3 times more lycopene than raw ones, so we recommend you to eat the cooked ones more. Not only can it protect skin from the oxidation, it can also prevent the macular degeneration or other eye diseases, best for those suffering serious short-sighted problem!

Top-pick 6: Chocolate for reducing cardiovascular diseases

Some myths suggest that chocolate may cause breakouts and it’s a devil food for our body and health. If you think this way you may be wrong. The darker the chocolate means the higher cocoa/flavanol content, it will bring you a better health including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure. Thus, read the ingredients of chocolate carefully before you pay. Keep one bar at home to satisfy your intense craving while helping you combat aging problem.

Top-pick 7: Berries for scavenging free radicals

Berries of all types -- blueberries, strawberries, raspberries -- are super rich in antioxidants, which helps protect your skin from damage of free radicals, promote skins’ elasticity and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Among the above, blueberries are TOP 1 choice for anti-oxidant as it is rich of anthocyanin, which protects skin from environmental damage of UV rays whilst keeping your eyes sparkling and clear. When it’s beneficial to both your skin and body, there’s no doubt to keep them in office as tea-snacks right?

Top-pick 8: Soy Milk for regulating women's endocrine system

Soy milk? You can’t beat that! You will be surprised by its beauty effect whether drinking it or using it as DIY face mask. Soy milk is rich in plant protein, Vitamin B1 and Calcium etc, the former nutrient helps improve acne problems and regulate the women's endocrine system so to slow down the aging process. Some like mixing it with honey for a DIY face mask too! Do it both to unleash your shine from within!

Top-pick 9: Apple for removing spots

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not just a phrase but it’s real! Not only can it maintain our body health but also the skincare benefit! It can remove the dark spots and freckles whilst keeping your skin flushed. It also consists of cellulose that helps remove the dirt between your teeth and brighten them up!

Top-pick 10: Spinach for rosy cheeks

Praised as “the King of Leafy Greens”, spinach is perfect to be added into your skincare diet! It is rich of iron which helps keep your cheeks rosy and shine. To add more bonus, it helps detox your body and drain away the body waste. Results? Skin will be replenished and body shape is toned!

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