5 Stylish Safety Essentials That You Should Keep Amidst Pandemic

Undoubtedly, we have been living amidst pandemic for quite a long time but we should keep calm and carry on. Have you found your favourite protective goodies in the time of all-time facemask wearing, hand-sanitizing and strict safety measures? Today, I have listed 5 must-have hygiene-focused beauty essentials, including eye-catching hand sanitizer, fan-favourite pastel face masks, hypoallergenic hand wash etc, from the brands of HAAN, Protector, Olé Beauty, to keep you healthy with beauty.


Sanitary Essential #1: HAAN Aloe Vera-infused hand sanitizers

A handy yet on-trend safety item can keep you a positive vibe! Infused with 65% alcohol, the HAAN Hand Sanitizers are clinically tested to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Formulated with natural vegan ingredients, it is irritants-free. Blended with super moisturising ingredient aloe vera, it makes it not only 99.9% effective, but also pampers your hands. There are two line-ups to choose from - Daily Moods and Blossom Elixir. The former is curated with scents of citrus, grass, grapefruit, wood and sunset fleur while the latter consists of floral scents including rose, chamomile, lavender etc.

In addition, it is made of reusable and recycling pocket design which you can refill extra hand sanitizer into it. Having said that, you can keep using your favourite, beautiful sanitizer container everyday!



Sanitary Essential #2: Khemist Klip KLIP Face Mask Diffuser

Needless to say, emotion and stress are eased with a pleasant smell under face mask. This petite Khemist Klip KLIP Face Mask Diffuser is so user-friendly. Simply open its lid and drop your favourite essential oil on its felt pad (highly suggested to use a natural pure essential oil), then clip it on mask with its special magnetic design. It helps ventilation whilst getting rid of stinky odor.  A little goodie can make a huge change!


Sanitary Essential #3: PROTECTOR DAILY Pastel Face Masks

A beautiful face mask will certainly transform you into a head-turner! The local brand Protector has just launched a wide range of milk tea and pastel face masks, so girly yet sophisticated. Not only does it have a single-colour box set, there are multi-colour box set such as Palettes, Petals and Aurora as well, allowing you to mix and match with your different daily outfit with no fuss!





Of course, Protector  is more than just a stylish brand. Aside from the beautiful design, it has earned 5-star award from Consumer Council too! Made of breathable, hypoallergenic material and ear-loop designed, it is comfortable and perfect-fitting. Certified with ASTM Level 3 and European Union Certification CE, every mask is individually packed with trendy design with practical use.


Sanitary Essential #4: Olé Beauty Hand Care Products

While hand sanitisers are used when out, hand-washing is done at home to kill bacteria and viruses. Try to use the Olé Beauty Aromatic Hand & Body Wash and Hand Cream, in which both boasts to kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Many girls are reluctant to frequent hand-washing as it may cause dry skin or even allergy, but good news is, these two products are made for those suffering from Contact Dermatitis and eczema, the non-irritating formula can effectively remove bacteria without stripping feelings, leaving your hands clean yet moisturised.




Sanitary Essential #5: Khemist MEDs Melaleuca/Eucalyptus Disinfection Spray 

If you love to mix and match your look with accessories such as sunglasses, rings, bracelets and necklaces etc, why not use this Khemist MEDs Melaleuca/Eucalyptus Disinfection Spray to sterilise your accessories after use? It effectively kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses and can be sprayed on hands, tables, toilet seats or anywhere you wish to sterilise, so handy and easy to use!



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