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Best Anti-Aging Tips for All Age Groups

The biggest skincare myth is…everyone thinks anti-aging is the game for middle-aged women. But the truth is… it’s important to start anti-aging regimen sooner than later. So, you should start to weave new anti-aging products into your skincare routine when you are age 25 as prevention is always better than treatment. If you wait for the first wrinkle showing up or a lack-lustre complexion, that would be too late as once the damage is done it causes you more effort and time to regain the skin of your youth.

After all, different age groups have various specific anti-aging regimens to cater the skin needs. Choosing the suitable measures and products to target skin problems is the key to reverse the clock. 

Aging skin problems in 25+: Dehydration

That’s the starting point of the inevitable aging process as both the restoration power of skin and moisture-lock barrier are weakened. When you were before 25yo, it made no difference to your skin when having an all night long party. However, it changes unexpectedly when you turn to mid-twenties. Metabolic rate is getting slower and slower whilst the skin is dehydrated and lack of shine, or even dry out and lack of elasticity, so signs of aging can start to appear. That’s why an ultra hydration is needed to quench the thirst of your skin. Replenish the skin with water boost to keep you shine from within! 

Best pick for 25+ aging skin: Hydrating Mist

We all know daily moisturizer and moisturising serum are essentials but our tips is hydrating face mist. Working in air-conditioning office will easily dry out your skin, which in return over-producing oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin. To tackle this problem, you can add a spritz of facial hydrating mist every 3-4 hours to add a hit of moisture.

You can find a variety of facial mists in the market but only the Avène Thermal Spring Water is Blackpink Jisoo’s all-time favorite! She has once mentioned in an interview that this bottle of mist is her purse-must-have item as she can help her skin add a boost of water anytime. Renowned as an economical bottled magic, the Avène Thermal Spring Water is formulated with natural ingredients,  and fragrance, alcohol and paraben-free, suitable for sensitive skin. Its sprinkler is specially designed for an ultra-fine refreshing mist that u won’t feel annoying water drops on your face.

Aging skin problems in 30s: Wrinkles and Dull Skin

The average skin cycle is 14 days before 30s but 28-30days after. This can explain why your skin’s surface is accumulated with dead cells which makes you look dull without shine. Moreover, collagen production dramatically declines deep within the dermal layer, so you will find your skin loosing elasticity, premature wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines start to appear. You will notice all these signs of ageing whenever you look at yourself through a mirror.

Apparently, anti-wrinkles products are a must in 30s but don’t forget using a pre-essence. Pre-essence is something between toner and serum targeting mature skin. It can boost the absorption of skincare products allowing the active ingredients of serum and face cream fully penetrating into your skin. If you miss adding this step into your beauty regimen, it’s just a waste even you use a luxury yet expensive serum or face cream. Here’s the daily beauty routine for all big 3-0 - Toner > Pre-essence > Serum >  Moisturizer. 

Best pick for 30+ aging skin: Pre-essence

I bet most of us must know about the cult-favourite  “little black bottle” Lancome Advanced Génifique, the winner of The Best Cosmetic Awards of cosme in Hong Kong. Of course I have tried it before. Its rich texture easily soaks into skin that stabilises it, helps prevent breakout and acnes. Applying it under serum and moisturiser will help boost the penetration of anti-aging actives than without it. Some users even recommended to add 1 to 2 drops of Lancome Advanced Génifique into foundation to create a moisturised, snug canvas all day long.


Diet for 30+ aging skin

Along side the skincare products, you can also keep yourself look young with healthy diet. Consuming leafy green vegetables, salmon, avocado and tomatoes can help slow skin-aging. Fish maw and white fungus are rich in natural botanical gelatin which help improve skin’s collagen production, the must-eat beauty food for every woman!

Aging skin problems in 40s: Sagging

Most women think age 40s meets the real challenge for their aging skin because all signs of aging show up. You find that your skin no longer plumps but sagging. Wrinkles and fine lines are more obvious as the collagen production deep under skin decreases gradually. If you lack doing exercise, you will experience skin laxity of your limbs even more. Some women may even have different skin types at this age, for example an oily or neutral skin will turn to a dry skin type. You don’t only have dry face but also limbs, so not only using facial moisturisers, you should also apply body cream.


Best pick for 40+ aging skin: Wrinkle Cream

Never be lazy if you are in 40s! Remember to apply wrinkle cream. Don’t forget the neck area as neck wrinkles and lines are an unfortunate giveaway to how old we are! City dwellers always use smart phone, that’s why more and more young women now suffer from neck lines too. It’s not an easy task to wipe away the neck wrinkles but there’s always a way to prevent it. You can massage 20 times your neck with upward motion after applying face cream or neck & decolleté cream, it helps create a more youthful-looking neckline. 

Crème de la Mer is always the TOP choice of celebrities and netizens. It boasts of super moisturising power, serves up anti-wrinkle and soothing stretch marks functions. That’s why the world-famous celebrities like Beyonce, Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian are its loyal fans. It’s invented by an aerospace physicist who suffered from burning in a lab experiment, so having skin problem like sensitive skin is safe and suitable to use too.


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