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In recent decades, more and more city dwellers have been concerning their sub-health status. A survey suggested that only 5% of the world population is healthy whilst 75% are suffering from sub-health symptoms. Causes could be the unhealthy lifestyle of modern people or unbalanced diet of office workers whom dine out more often. Since the outbreak of pandemics, many more want to boost up their immune system and maintain health. Not only could you exercise and sleep more as well as keeping up your happy life, you can also start from a healthy diet.


Of course, it’s not easy to quit your picky eating habits and spend precious time to cook 3 balanced meals a day, not to mention the difficulty to buy vegetables lately due to panic buying. It makes it even harder to maintain a healthy diet. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Just scroll down and check out this popular brand Allklear!


As a futuristic food-tech company, Allklear endeavours to produce an effective and convenient healthy food, improving the sub-health of people. Their hero product “Detox Future Salad” is developed by a team of medical specialists, nutritionists, scientists with 10 years effort. Suitable for those aiming losing weight, improving health and suffering from skin problems, as its exclusive pure, natural formula serves up detoxification, slimming and heart protection, thereby it gains many positive feedbacks among their users. Its cutting-edge Pioneer Aerospace Technology preserves the most natural nutrition of the raw materials and transforms them into portable sachets.


Allklear Detox Future Salad (7 sachets) - Original Flavor

This aforementioned Detox Future Salad is extracted from more than 10 types of natural fruits and vegetables. Each sachet only weighs 12g but its nutritional content is already equivalent to 5 bowls of salads, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, etc. You can treat it as a supplement if you have unbalanced daily diet to maintain your body and heart healthy. To add bonus, it is rich in dietary fibre, so you can keep fit, gain sense of fullness and promote detoxification easily. Its antioxidants, polyphenols and other ingredients can also improve metabolism and promote blood circulation. In addition to weight loss, it also serves up nourishing skin by producing more collagen and antioxidants, making it the recent popular holy grail among women!

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>>>7 sachets
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Allklear Detox Future Salad (21 sachets) - Ginger Flavor

Try this Ginger Flavor if you have cold feet and hands or not that keen to cold weather like me. Ginger is a warm food, that’s why we will eat ginger or drink ginger soup to combat cold and keep us warm in cold days. Aside from the nutritional benefits mentioned before, this ginger flavour is the best spice to warm your stomach and body, improve your stomach discomfort, prevent catching colds, detoxify and act as antiseptic - all in one go!

>>>7 sachets
>>>21 sachets


Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement (7 sachets)

Other than salad, many people will choose a meal replacement during meal time to help them lose weight and reduce the energy intake. But, what if we still feel hungry? This Green Shake Meal Replacement in packed with 7 servings, including its flagship product Detox Future Salad, Magic Seeds  (Flax Seed & Chia Seed) and unsalted Mixed Nuts (Almond, Organic Walnut, Pumpkin Seed) , making them a one-week remedy. One serving contains more than 5 bowls of salad nutrition and dietary fibre whilst only costs 293 calories, acting as low-calorie, high-fibre and nutritious product. Its high fibre content helps to fill your tummy and reduce hunger whilst preventing the oil absorption and getting rid of toxins, so you can feel full while losing weight at the same time!

>>>7 sachets

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