What You Body Is Trying To Tell You With Acnes?

Pimples are never our friends! What’s more annoying is the repeat breakouts at the same place of your face or body! Despite using up all the luxury skincare products, they just crop up again and again! The key lies to your body health - the location of pimples reflect your inner health. Aside from the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), back to basic and start your skincare routine from correct cleansing method to face mask, you can leave those stubborn acnes a thing of the past!

Acnes location 1: Between eyebrow, forehead and temples

TCM practitioner 楊明霞 explained that, the breakouts showing up at the middle of eyebrow, forehead and temples reflect toxins in liver system, vigorous internal heat and excessive stress. Avoid eating deep fried food and sleep more to help detoxify. The best sleeping time is 2300 at night as it is the moment when your liver systems detoxify and rest. Moreover, manage your emotion by sharing your troubles with friends or releasing your repressed emotion properly, this helps keep pimples at bay. 

In addition, you can use anti-acne skin products to treat the pimples on face, such as Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Pox Powder to prevent and accelerate the treatment of breakouts, or FRANZ Skincare Future Franz AC Care Mask to ward off the acnes. 



Acnes location 2: Cheeks

Red cheeks correspond to stomach, spleen, and respiratory system. Poor detoxification of stomach & spleen, lung-fire can trigger the acne breakouts on cheeks as well. Daily bowel movement is needed to cure this problem, plus, eating lily bulbs help clear the lung-fire. Above that all, SOS treatment after eating hot food is sipping cold drinks such as green tea or Longjing tea right away.

Not only the internal health, taking care of the outer beauty is crucial to stay confident all time. Breakouts can be caused by excessive oil secretion. If you still feel greasy after face wash, I suggest you to use an facial cleansing gadget instead, such as PMD Clean Pro RQ which helps clear blackheads or Emay Plus Smart Purifying Cleansing Brush that wipes off dirts and sebum with 8,000 times of vibration per min. On top of that, remember to apply face masks after face wash, including deep cleansing mask once or twice a week and moisture mask every two days. Work both orally and topically to fend off the acnes!



Acnes location 3: Nose

If you have constipation or bloated stomach, you may find acnes around nose area or at its tip. This indicates that you have digestive system problem. Hence, you should avoid eating unhealthy food such as spicy food and intake a light diet.  If your tip of nose bridge is flaking, it implies a poor blood circulation. First you need to stop eating hot food and drink more herbal tea or soups which specialise in strengthening spleen and removing damp heat. There are so many folk prescriptions found on websites such as removing blemishes with toothpaste. However, these may lead to adverse effects if not using properly, so always remember to do a fact check first!

For consuming a light diet, you can consider Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement for low-calories, high-fibre and high-nutrition contents and Onecare Wellness PRAVENTAC™  to reduce acnes and blemishes. You will soon find your skin look healthy and happy.



Acnes location 4: Chin & lip corner

You must have seen pimples breaking out under your chin, especially during menstrual cycle. It is because of the hormonal imbalance and they will disappear after menstruation period, normally. Acnes around lip corners reflect the gastrointestinal problems, particularly poor bowel movements and frequent fart. You can intake more high-fibre food such as leaf mustard and spinach to promote gut health and help flush out body waste. Have you seen the immaculate skin of celebrities on tv shows? They always have their own hacks combating breakouts worth us to learn, such as eating black sesame paste.

If you want to improve your gastrointestinal health but too lazy to check for the nutritious value, you can give this Allklear Detox Future Salad a try as it is equivalent to 5 bowls of salad, or yummy Depuravita Probiotic Chocolate to improve your digestive system.



Acnes location 5: Back

It is our nightmare when breakouts crop up at our back in summer time, making us impossible to wear bikinis or backless halter tops. Hence, it is our top mission! Acnes at back indicate excessive stress and lack of rest, leading to poor detoxification and too many toxins accumulating at the back. To treat the back acnes, regular body scrub and exfoliation are needed, in which I highly recommend Aster Aroma Nourishing Black Sugar Body Scrub and Botany Naturals Body Polish (lychee & papaya, camellia, himalayan salt). Of course, you can always relieve your stress on your own to keep pimples in check.



Acnes location 6: Chest

It is wrong concept that acnes won’t show up on chest as some girls are bothered by them. From TCM perspective, acnes on chest may due to unhealthy diet and food allergy. Thus, if you suffer from acnes on chest for a long time, you have to map out your allergy triggers and quit them. In addition, remember to get changed more frequently, especially after workout or the oil glands on chest will cause pores clogged, hence breakouts. 

You can use anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory essential oil or essence such as Marina Miracle Herbal Face Oil and Epionce Purifying Spot Gel to treat the pimples on body, preventing them getting serious.



Acnes location 7: Arms

You are possibly lacking vitamins if there are acnes showing up on your arms, in this case you can intake more vitamins A & D. Moreover, it could be triggered by atopic dermatitis, leaving the skins blanketed with red pimples. Consulting dermatologist is a must, but you should also check if there are any irritating substances found in the washing powder and body wash at home. It is always suggested to use product formulated with hypoallergenic formula.

Body washes from Dr. Seed and Rohaseed are formulated with natural and moisturising elements, suitable for sensitive skins and will not cause allergy. Worth to try!




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