Bergamot Oil: Benefits and Precautions

The world of essential oils is so big that we might not know how to choose the one suits us. Hence, I will start from an entrance level - Bergamot oil. With similar scent as Sweet Orange Essential Oil, it smells fresh yet citrusy but with a bit more light floral odour. Beyond smelling great, it can also help reduce anxiety, invigorate and combat bacteria, that’s why this cult-favorite oil is popular among the essential oil newbies. Scroll down to learn its benefits, origin and precautions and check if it fits you too!

Root of Bergamot oil 

The main source of Bergamot is a town called Bergamo in southern Italy - this is why it is named after it. The pleasantly scented Bergamot oil is extracted by pressing the citrus fruit gently or distillation. By the way, the real name of it is Citrus Bergamia but Asians love calling it as Bergamot.

Bergamot oil is a kind of citrus oils, combined with fruity and floral scents, making it a relaxing yet pleasant feel. Hence, it is widely used among aromatherapy, essential oils and fragrance.

Benefit #1: Relieve your stress and soul

There is a wide range of uses and benefits, good for spirit, body and skin. First, it works to appease, invigorate, relieve anxiety, depression and calm your nerves, allowing you to soothe and relax. If you are overstressed or suffer from insomnia, try to use an aroma diffuser with bergamot essential oil, your stress will be relieved with its lovely scent.



Benefit #2: Promote metabolism

Bergamot essential oil serves up promoting blood circulation and hormones, thereby promoting metabolism, digestion and tackling bloated stomach problems. You can also use bergamot essential oil or massage oil for body massage, maintaining a healthy metabolism.



Benefit #3: Anti-bacteria

Bergamot essential oil is anti-bacteria, so it is always used to treat skin problems including oily skin, eczema, inflammation, acnes, breakouts etc. Above that all, it can break up scar tissues, best for skincare treatment. Therefore, you can find bergamot essential oil in many skincare products!



Benefit #4: Deodorant 

Beyond the antibacterial property, bergamot essential oil can also hinder the growth of bacteria which cause stinky smell. Plus, it is always blended into deodorants for its distinctive, citrusy scent. You can also use it for indoor deodorant or home cleansing, such as cleaning toilet and fridge. Besides, add a few drops of Bergamot essential oils into water then wipe the areas with cloth to remove the stinky smell.



Benefit #5: Improve respiratory system

Bergamot essential oil helps improve respiratory system, such as breathing difficulties, bronchitis etc. If you feel airways blocked, you can try to use pure bergamot essential oil for aromatherapy to soothe the discomfort. (Remember to consult doctors first)



Benefit #6: Haircare

If you have oily scalp like me, bergamot essential oil is your saviour! It helps balance the oil secretion whilst promoting scalp health, leaving your hair locks purified and moisturised with no fuss! Some haircare products are infused with bergamot essential oil already, so you can consider to switch to these products for scalp and hair treatment.

Risks and precautions:

  1. Bergamot oil is phototoxic, so it should be used at night only. Do not expose to sunlight after use or it may cause skin to become irritated.
  2. Sensitive skin should choose non-phototoxic Bergamot essential oil or lower concentration one.
  3. Sensitive skin should first dilute it with a carrier oil before use
  4. Babies, pregnant women or patients should consult doctors before use.
  5. Do not use Bergamot essential oils or products with unknown source. (Please refer to the recommendations from this article)

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