5 Beauty Tips to Help Transition Your Skincare Routine from Autumn to Winter

Christmas is around the corner, which means that your summer tan has started to fade; your skin is left patchy, sensitive and dehydrated due to the temperature drop which follows by a drop in humidity during this season's transition. According to dermatologists, temperature and humidity decrease can cause skin dehydration, which damages our skin’s natural barrier, leading to even more sensitive and moisture loss, resulting in chapped, discolored and dry complexions.


However, getting you glow on needn’t cost much, below are 5 quick and easy hacks to help restore the oil and water balance in our skin, creating the luminosity we desire.

1.How to Treat Dehydration?

Treat Dehydration

They say the best things in life are free, the simplest way to soothe dry and dehydrated skin is to drink water. Drinking more water can help our skin retain moisture and function properly. Constant hydration will keep both at bay whether dry skin or dehydration has your face feeling parched. 

Jisoo from the world renowned K-Pop girl group BlackPink famously relies on a hack applying moisturizing mist to keep her perfect skin. Her application trick couldn’t be easier to replicate at home. Spray your face with an abundant amount of moisturizing mist and gently tap your face with facial tissue. This allows the ingredients to sink in and moisturize your face while leaving your face to dry itself, air and wind can ‘wick’ moisture away from skin, resulting in more chapped complexions.

2.How to Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles? 

Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It is a common fallacy in which people should change their skincare routine only after their current products are emptied. However, our skin conditions and needs change with temperature, sun exposure and humidity. In fact, each season comes with specific skincare concerns. 

In order to protect your skin for the fall and winter months, you should be layering your skincare routine with nourishing formulated products. Do not underestimate the effect of applying moisturizing masks, serums and moisturizer every day and night. You should also apply body lotion after bathing while your skin is damp. When hydrated, your skin cells swell and this minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as strengthens the skin’s barrier.

3.How to Avoid Lip Wrinkles?

Avoid Lip Wrinkles

Lips are often left out of the skincare routine. Yet it’s volume loss, lines and wrinkles around the mouth are some of the most obvious signs of dehydration and unhealthy lifestyles. Lines and wrinkles around the mouth are commonly found in smokers, people with unhealthy diets, especially those who are fond of heavily seasoned food and people with vitamin deficiency.  

As well as your daily and nightly skincare routines, it’s good to carve out some time for regular mouth regimen. If you have been applying lip balms and serums regularly to no avail, it’s official to level up your lip exfoliation routine. Try applying lip scrubs once in a while and lip mask 3 to 4 times a week, it can buff away dead skin and dry patches with exfoliants and then moisturize your lips.This balm, lip mask and lip scrub trio is the secret sauce to getting soft, smooth and godsend lips.

4.How to Rejuvenate Dull Skin?

Rejuvenate Dull Skin

Mistakenly, people seem to think that sunscreen is summer exclusive when in reality, dermatologists suggest people to adopt good sun-protection habits and wearing sunscreen every day as the best way to avoid skin ageing, fine lines and discoloration.

You should always opt for physical sunscreens, which are mineral-based. They can protect the skin and reflect light away when their formulas are thought to be less harmful and more gentle, and can even safely apply on sensitive skin.

5.How to Reduce Itching and Smooth Eczema, Inflamed Skin?

Reduce Itching and Smooth Eczema, Inflamed Skin

Eczema is frankly an inherent skin condition that cannot be easily cured. Even the slightest change in environment can cause huge flare-ups of red blotchy skin and dry patches. Besides season transition, the symptoms can be easily triggered during stressful, unhealthy diets. 

To cope with eczema, boost your body immunity is the most effective way. Frequently applying moisturizer is the fundamental part of an eczema patients’ skincare regimen. It helps restore the integrity of the skin barrier while the dryer the skin is, the greasier your skin becomes, which can trigger flare-ups. As an eczema patient myself, my symptoms can be easily triggered during the season transition. I will gently apply hand cream all over my hands and wear a pair of plastic gloves for 10 minutes, moisturizing my hands as well as putting my flare-ups to rest. 

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