5 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

With Omicron this highly-infectious strain of Covid-19 around, many family and friends have contracted undoubtedly. We finally realised that it is more than paramount to boost up our immune system and keep us healthy amidst the pandemics. We start to detoxify our bodies, do at-home fitness and take in supplements to prepare our bodies to fight the virus effectively. On the other hand, staying home without meeting friends whilst watching the daily news have stressed us out day by day, resulting in immune disorders easily. Thus, we must love ourselves more and learn to relax while taking care of our spiritual health at the same time. There is a say, “Words are from the lips and actions are from the heart”. So, I am here to help you achieve physical and spiritual health. Keep scrolling for 5 tips and best picks on the health supplements and products for a relaxing soul!

Tips #1: Wake up and sleep early

Early bird catches the worm! A good sleeping habit is the first step to achieve a good health as your body works to repair for a better skin, metabolism and immune boost-up! A study shows that despite your age, those sleep and wake up early will have a smarter brain and better emotional intelligence. Social distancing and calling off all the friends gatherings makes one depressed easily, so, why not just developing the habit of sleeping early during the pandemics to maintain a healthier body and soul?


If you wish to fix your sleep schedule, you should do it step by step. I usually arrive home at 8pm after work and sleep at 12am, so to be frank, it’s impossible for me to sleep at 10pm. Thus, I target to get to bed at 11pm eventually. I first tried to go to bed half hour earlier, i.e. 11:30pm. Once I have adapted to this routine, I would further set the time much earlier, hopefully I could make it as soon as possible.


Tips #2: Exercise 

If you know me, you know that I can’t live without fitness. It just drove me crazy when I knew that the sports courts and fields were shut down - but it is not an excuse for you to lay in bed. Instead, you should keep it up for the best performance once these places reopen one day. I start to go hiking with family during weekend and I love it! I squeeze some time to do Tabata with YouTubes as well. After all, sweating makes one feel good!

Best picks on supplements: 

If you don’t work out much but want to keep fit, I suggest you trying the healthy but tasty SuperFIT™ which is launched by Onecare Wellness from Singapore. Just 3 cups a day, it helps you detoxify, slim down body and promote metabolism. It infuses with natural ingredients such as green tea extract, brown seaweed extract, cactus fruit powder, lemon juice powder. You can simply mix the high concentrated powder into water or any drinks and consume it with your meal. The water-soluble powder is so convenient that you can dissolve it with water in no time. There are three flavours of SuperFIT™ with different benefits, click here to know more. 

Onecare Wellness SuperFIT™ $795 30 days


Tips #3: Detoxification

Regular detoxification is good for health. Many celebrities love different ways of detox, such as fruit-infused water, intermittent fasting, consuming supplements etc, but remember you’d better check if the ingredients are natural.

Best picks on supplements:

I start to drink the Joy Purity from an Italian health food brand Depuravita. It is packed with Chlorella and Spirulina to offer our bodies the essential amino acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, other micro-elements and dietary fibre, not only can it promote peristalsis, but also inhibit the rapid absorption of sugar, prevent diabetes, reduce blood pressure and Anaerobic flora, prevent arteriosclerosis and other functions. The amino acid components can promote skin health, reduce inflammation, and enhance immunity, which definitely makes people beautiful from the inside out!

 Depuravita Joy Purity $225/340g

In addition, I highly recommend the Allklear Detox Future Salad. Made with the cutting-edge Pioneer Aerospace Technology, its nutritional content is equivalent to 5 bowls of salads, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, etc. Its low-calorie and high-nutrition feature is particularly suitable for those office workers whom have busy lifestyle and eat less vegetables. Aside from detoxification, this Salad serves up skin nourishment, slimming and heart protection as well. Did I mention that it is easy to use, portable and tasty? You can start your healthy lifestyle anytime anywhere! Grab it home with a limited offer of Buy 3 Get 1 Free at letzshop.hk now!  

Letzshop Exclusive set - Allklear Detox Future Salad (7 sachets) 3+1 set $840

Best picks on health item:

Moreover, oral health is my another concern. HEAVEN Oil Pulling Mouthwash is treated without high temperature and chemicals whilst preserving the important medium-chain triglycerides and lauric acid. Pairing with Manuka essential oil which is naturally antibacterial, it can eliminate oral bacteria plus sucking out those hidden in the gaps between your gums and teeth, thereby improving your oral health whilst detoxifying your body. 

Over the above, it has many benefits for dental health, such as removing tartar and stains, reducing tartar formation, moisturizing gums, preventing bad breath and whitening teeth. The mouthwash oil is specially added with food-grade mint, and is different from ordinary oil pulling oil. You do not have greasy feeling after use but feel refreshing and comfortable. 

Heaven Oil Pulling Mouthwash (Fresh Mint) $198/500ml

Tips #4: Healthy eating 

Speaking about healthy diet, don’t forget to follow the food pyramid when you eat! Remember to eat the most grains, more vegetables and fruits, moderate amount of meat, fish, egg for protein intake whilst eating the least salt, oil and sugar. Use low-fat cooking methods such as steaming, braising, stewing, blanching and avoid fried food. On top of that, drink more water and be aware of your urine color. The ideal color is yellow with clarity. 

Best picks on supplements:

If you are not a fan of supplement pills, you can try this organic, healthy Gogood Whey Protein Concentrate - Organic Chocolate Everyday Whey. It works to burn fat and enhance exercise recovery, not to mention being as a daily supplement.  Rich in high-quality protein that is necessary for human bodies, vitamins and minerals, it is low-carbohydrate and low-fat. Its amino acids serve up anti-oxidation, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, etc. All in all, it helps to boost body immunity and promote healthy hair, nails and skin. Formulated with organic raw cocoa, it just tastes as delicious as a cup of chocolate. Anyone?

Gogood Whey Protein Concentrate - Organic Chocolate $249/500g

Tips #5: Spiritual health

Mood is adversely affected easily when you always stay vigilant amidst the pandemics, together with the closure of entertainment premises in this 5th wave of COVID outbreak. Thus, if you have been using essential oils, try to reduce your stress with its help.

Best picks to relax your body and soul

I recommend you to try the Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser. Simple operation - attach your essential oil blend straight into it without adding water. If you think it costs much then your guess is wrong! Because it only vaporises a little oil every time, so cost-effective! Above all, I love to pamper myself with a spa when i don’t feel good. I will massage my body with body scrub after shower wash to buff away all the dead skin and grimes, then kick off my bubble bath. Thanks to this pick-me-up, I have an A-grade sleep afterwards too!

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Triple Exfoliator $470/200ml

Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser $1330

Highly recommend you this Aromatherapy Associates Rose Triple Exfoliator which can be used on both body and face. Blended with smoothing botanical microspheres, it can gently wash away the dirts and dead skin, leaving your skin supple and luminous. For the bubble bath, I particularly fall in love with Botany Aromatherapy Luxury Spa & Bath Foam. Formulated with plant-derived foaming agent and various pure essential oils and botanical extracts, you can feel a pleasant scent in the whole bathroom ambience. 

Botany Aromatherapy Luxury Spa & Bath Foam $238/500ml

In addition, working from home may cause lower back pain. Use the massage gun or massager to relax your tight muscles during break. Not only can it soothe the muscle pain but also boost up your vibe!


Frequent typing makes one’s hands tired and you need this Vonmie Arm Controller to relax your arms. Adapted with EMS technology, you just need to hold it and the micro current will do its work. It stimulates the muscles to do “workout”, thereby relaxing tight muscles, soothing fatigues, promoting blood circulation etc. 

Vonmie Arm Controller $298


This Zikko Dr.Rock Air Bian Stone Far Infrared Warm Compress Physiotherapy is your at-home must-have! Apart from the strong power, Bian Stone warm head is featured with 3 temperatures and emit the far infrared and ultrasonic pulses that are beneficial to human bodies. With 4 complimentary massage heads, you can choose the one to craft your needs including relieving sciatica, frozen shoulder and muscle pain. Massage your muscles for 10mins will be good enough if you sit at home for long. 

Zikko Dr.Rock Air Bian Stone Far Infrared Warm Compress Physiotherapy $2380

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