The 5 Benefits of Lavender That You Should Know!

Lavender symbolises romance and love. See the blanket of purple flower is definitely the best elixir to your soul, not to mention its pleasant scent. Since the Ancient Roman period, lavender has been widely used on herbal therapy. Not only for curing mosquitos and bug bites or repelling insects, it brings a magical result to modern women’s skin as well. If you feel nothing has been changed when you have already tried all the luxurious skincare products and medicines, try to get back to nature and heal your body with lavender therapy as a health jack-of-all-trades.


Benefit #1 Ease Menstrual Pain

Women have to face the a range of symptoms in the menstrual phase every month, aside from chocolate and heating pads, some researches also suggested that masturbation toys can help alleviate the menstrual pain too. But I bet you won’t take the toy out in office right? So, I suggest you to drink a cup of lavender tea as scientists has pointed out that this herbal tea can soothe the pain. They have conducted an experiment where one group of women smelled lavender fro 30 mins a during the first three days of their period whilst another group didn’t. Two months later, result showed that the former group had less pain than before. 


How to use: Drink the lavender tea or put the lavender oil onto wrist before your menstrual cycle, so you can breathe it in. Use it for a period then you will notice the difference. 

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Benefit #2 Anti-acne

Traditional treatment to breakouts is the anti-acne products and a blemish-care mask. If your skin is sensitive, you can try to put the lavender oil onto you breakouts as it is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic whilst controls the oil secretion. It is effective to prevent acnes and combat breakouts. Lavender is more natural than an acne treatment balm, and suitable for most skin types as well.


How to use: Dip the cotton bud with lavender oil, then place it on hands and leave for 5 mins. If there is no unwell feeling, you can slather the oil onto breakouts directly. 


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Benefit #3 Soothe Eczema 

Not only does the lavender oil treat breakouts, but it can also calm the skin whilst assuage the eczema. I have been suffering from eczema for long until my TCM practitioner advised me to use lavender oil for soothing. If you also suffer from eczema, psoriasis or other skin issues, give it a try to ease your itchy problem. 


How to use: Blend 50 drops of lavender oil with 30ml of sweet almond oil, then place it on your skin suffering from eczema or psoriasis, the itchy problem will be solved. 


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Benefit #4 Improve Hair Condition 

Every girl craves for the sleek yet smooth hair like the shampoo advertisement cover girl does! However, the dream usually doesn’t come true due to working stress or frequent hair bleaching, and they even suffer from thin hair or slow hair growth. Apart from hair growth shampoo and scalp serum, good news is lavender can promote the hair health too!


According to some researches, lavender oil can boost the blood circulation of scalp and so promote the hair growth. Aside from cleansing and conditioning, lavender oil can help balance the oil secretion of scalp, so to open up your hair follicles.


How to use: Apply 1 to 2 drops of lavender oil onto scalp after blow dry, then slather it on from root to hair end, it helps follicle growth and repair the damaged hair. Of course you can simply buy a hair-care products infused with lavender if you are too busy!


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Benefit #5 Relieve Stress

In aromatherapy, lavender is always used to relieve stress as it contains a concentrated linalyl acetate and linalool which help destress and calm. Thus, if you find it difficult to relieve your stress, try to light up a lavender scented candle. Put your stress aside and indulge in the ambience filled with this pleasant scent.


How to use: If you are over-stressed or even suffer from insomnia, you can add one to two drops of lavender oil onto pillow case or use lavender-scented products. This pleasant herbal scent will lead you to a good dream. 


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Risks and Side-effects

Though lavender essential oil is so mild that most of the people are suitable to use, after all, it is a type of herbal essential oil, so if you are allergic to herbs, it may cause your skin red or itchy. So you should first do a skin allergy test before use to ensure it is safe for you.


Besides, children, pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid using this essential oil. Patients with high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, neurological and renal diseases should consult an aromatherapist or doctor before use. Lavender essential oil can be applied directly onto skin but if you wish to use it widely on skin, you must have to dilute it or blend with base oil first to avoid giving burden to skin.


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