5 Benefits of Verbena Essential Oil

Aside from Ylang Ylang, lavender, tea tree and bergamot essential oils, Verbena is another popular essential oil serving up destress and relaxation functions. It smells with citrusy scents like orange and lemon and looks in greenish yellow color. With various magical benefits, Verbena is so popular mythologically. For instance, it is the holy grass of Thor in Nordic mythology and an aphrodisiac refined by Italian witches, not to mention it can expel vampires too! Although all these mythologies are so enchanting, as a rational consumer, we need to get to know the medicinal values of Verbena thoroughly before use.

Verbena VS Lemon Verbena

Both Verbena and Lemon Verbena belong to same Verbenaceae family but the latter is classified as woody plant while the former is categorised as herbaceous plant. If you are not sure which one suits you, you’d better consult doctors first. Generally speaking, Lemon Verbena is more beneficial to health and is found in common floral tea menu, safer to use. In contrast, the Verbena leans more to medicinal plant, is a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine and not suitable for long-term use. Since it has medicinal benefit, it is paramount to choose the ingredients prudently. I have curated a range of products infused with natural, organic Verbena, allowing you to use without worries. 

Benefit 1: Stimulate menstrual flow

An ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine journal has stated that “Verbena works to stimulate menstrual flow, treat women’s bloating and blood qi as well as irregular periods.”, that’s why it was regarded as women’s holy grail in the period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. If you have missed periods, you can make a Verbena tea but if you are at the moment of blood vacuity, do not drink it or it may lead to over-bleeding. 

Aside from making Verbena drinks, you can also add 2 to 3 droplets of Verbena essential oil onto your tummy then massage with clockwise direction until full absorption. Another way is to add 5 to 6 drops of oil into hot tub then soak yourself up. These two methods are so time-saving that suit all busy beauties.


Benefit 2: Soothe indigestion

Though Verbena can help treat indigestion and bloating, it is regarded as “cold”, so for those having deficiency of stomach qi or cold body type are not suitable to use. If you do not belong to this group of people, congratulations! As Verbena can help alleviate indigestion instantly, so you can drink in the Verbena tea to regulate your gastrointestinal area, the result is stunning!

Verbena tea recipe:

  1. Wash the Verbena leaves throughly and cut them into 3cm chunks
  2. Add them into 250ml water and boil it with high heat, then slow cook with gentle heat for 25min. Finally, sift it and add honey, you are ready to drink.

Benefit 3: Destress & treat insomnia

Verbena helps regulate parasympathetic nervous system to relax stress and heal your soul, delivering you a A-grade sleep. You can mix 3 drops of Verbena essential oil with 4 drops of Lavender essential oil and add them into an aroma diffuser, then close your eyes with this relaxing ambience. If you find it troublesome to mix the oils, you may directly buy Verbena aroma candle or rattan, dispersing a pleasant citrusy scent around your home.




Benefit 4: Anti-inflammatory & pain relief

Anti-inflammatory & pain relief are main benefits of Verbena. It can be used as treatments for coughs, headache, fever etc, usually the associated pain will be eased within 1-3 hours after use. If you have inflammatory skin, you can use Verbena-containing soaps or body wash, not only can it clean your body but also helps moisturise and hydrate your skin.



Benefit 5: Skincare & haircare

Apart from medicinal use, Verbena can soften skin, leaving it more plumped and smoother. Acne-prone skin can use it to banish blackheads, acnes and breakouts, soothing inflammation and redness too. 

Moreover, Verbena helps regulate scalp, restoring it back to a heathy condition. It is hydrated without irritating, so sensitive skin is safe to use as well, leaving your locks soft, sleek and shine.


Are you suitable to use Verbena-containing products?

(1) Pregnant women should avoid using Verbena products as they may stimulate your menstrual cycle or even lead to abortion in some serious cases, so every mom-to-be remember to avoid using it.

(2) Children, elderly or those having chronic disease are suggested to cut half the usage dose as they are more sensitive to the oil scent. Children under 12 years old are suggested to use following adult’s instruction.

(3) Verbena can undoubtedly relieve stress but it will lead to rising blood pressure or heart palpitations, so if you have hypertension or heart disease, you’d better consult your doctor or aroma therapist for profession advice first.


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