5 Benefits of Citrus Essential Oil

The citrusy smell of Citrus Essential Oil is just something déjà vu - like the moment you have just peeled an orange. Yet, citrusy scent is not as popular as Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sage and Bergamot in the world of essential oil, and it may not be your first priority. However, citrus-scented oil is indeed very suitable to use alone or blend with other oils, even able to replace other essential oils to serve up same benefit. Let’s learn more about this citrus essential oil to experience its natural, energetic and positive properties!

Aside from bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and lime, citrus essential oil is one of the photosensitive oils. This kind of oil consists of natural botanical factors that cause photo allergic reactions when combining with UV rays. Thus, if you have applied the above oils topically, you should avoid to expose yourself to sunlight or UV rays directly within 12 - 48 hours, preventing the allergic reactions such as skin burnt or blisters.

Benefit 1: Calming and mood-improving

Featuring with a warm, pleasant scent as if a liquid sunshine in a bottle. It is so sweet yet fresh that uplifts your mood right away. It is also among the favorites of new aromatherapy lovers as it helps alleviate stress and emotion as well as improving insomnia which caused by anxiety. Many choose lavender to improve insomnia but actually, citrus essential oil works too. If you have severe insomnia problem, you can use both of them alternatively. 

Add 3 - 4 droplets of citrus essential oil on pillow before sleep, it helps you to dream quickly. If you have aroma humidifier or diffuser, you can also add 5 to 10 drops of oils for dispersion. Of course you can shop an aromatherapy product with citrusy smell if you are too lazy to use the devices. 




Benefit 2: Acne breakouts treatment

As an unparalleled moisturising agent, citrus essential oil is particularly suitable for oily skin, in which it can treat breakouts and acnes. You can mix it with lavender oil to form an oil blend, then use it for facial care with 1% concentration and body care with 3% concentration. 

As a newbie to aromatherapy family, I love to use skincare products infused with essential oil extracts more than DIY. Simply choose the body wash and body cream blended with citrus essential oil to enjoy the benefits without calculating the percentage of different blends. Perfect for busy bees like me!




Benefit 3: Ease constipation 

With hypoallergenic properties, citrus essential oil is one of the common oils and often used by aromatherapists towards kids and elderly. It treats a range of gastro-intestinal problems including constipation, poor digestion and hiccup.

You can blend 10ml of Sweet Almond Oil with 1drop of citrus essential oil and pineapple essential oil, then massage it on children’s or elderly’s stomach with clockwise motion. They will feel their tummy relaxed, even the desire of bowel movement.


Benefit 4: Stretch marks correction  

Citrus essential oil can be your BFF if you are a mom-to-be! In the first trimester, you can add one drop of citrus essential oil into 80ml of water and spritz it to air, which helps ease your morning sickness when you inhale. 

In second trimester, you can mix one drop of citrus essential oil into daily body cream to minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

During postpartum period,  you can use citrus essential oil to boost blood circulation for fat burning, allowing your tummy to return to its original appearance sooner.

If you are pregnant, remember to consult doctor or aroma therapists for their opinions before use as not every pregnant woman is safe to use aromatherapy, not to mention the unknown ingredients of some oil blends (such as non-pure oil). Consult professionals and purchase trustable brand to ensure the safety of you and baby!


Benefit 5: Hair loss prevention 

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidant complexes, citrus can accelerate the blood circulation of scalp to ensure the scalp is nourished with enough moisturization and nutrients. When your hair follicles are healthy, the hair shaft will grow healthily and strongly, so as to reduce the risk of hair fall.

I always dye and perm my hair, so I often use my all time favourite Eau de Portugal Hair Tonic from the American brand Clubman. Best-selling for 200 years, its amazing result is undisputed. Not only can it strengthen the hair shaft, it can also reduce the dandruff and leave your mane healthy yet shiny.


Are you suitable to use citrus essential oil?

  1. Even citrus essential oil is one of the mild oils, it is not recommended to use for babies. Pregnant women should also consult doctor or aromatherapist before use.
  2. If you have pets at home, you should avoid using citrus essential oil or any other essential oils as some of them are toxic for pets. If they inhale too much oils, they may be fainted or poisoned.
  3. You are suggested to try a droplet of oil on your arm first for allergy test. If there is no allergic reaction, it means safe to use. Aromatherapy is not suitable for everyone, so you’d better seek for professional’s opinions if you have any doubts.


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