3 Scalp-care Hacks You Should Know!

Facial care is your everyday skin-care but don’t forget your scalp needs to be pampered too, or you may suffer from hair fall at the end. When time passes by or weather changes, scalp may have more problems like dry-out, itchiness, dandruff, oil, brittle hair, hair loss etc. If you want to achieve a full yet sleek hair, you should start from scalp-care.


To begin with, you should know that scalp is also part of your body skin and its epidermis is thicker than the rest whilst oil secretion is more too. That’s why you should put a lot more effort to take good care of your scalp to buff away the excessive oil for healthy growth.  If your scalp secretes too much oil or you suffer from brittle hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, white hair or hair fall, you should be aware of it and seek for help.


The correct scalp-care ways:

1. Massage before hair wash

Comb your hair with brush to buff away dust and oil, then use fingers to massage the scalp with scalp conditioner, it helps clarify and soothe your scalp deeply to promote circulation.

Best pick:

Vidal Sassoon Ionic Brush is featured with the double side ions gun that releases negative ions to help hair shaft look more sleek and shiny. The comfortable bristle cushion protects scalp to keep it healthy too. 


2. Deep cleanse scalp

Don’t use too hot water or strong water stream to wash your hair. Hair wash frequency should boil down the scalp condition and weather change as too frequent wash will only rinse away the oil on scalp and cause it too dry or itchy. In addition, avoid to put shampoo directly onto scalp but you should add it to palm with water and rub it into foam first, that will minimise the scalp stimulation. It’s crucial to choose a suitable shampoo - natural, less sensitive and with mild acidity.



Combination of hair-cleanse and nourishment, this MD Nourishing Treatment Shampoo helps reduce dandruff and excessive sebum whilst conditioning scalp to avoid inflammation, leaving your hair grow healthily and stronger.


Featuring with silicon-free organic tea seeds formula, ROHASEED - Tea Seed Nursing & Anti-Loss Shampoo conditions the scalp and follicles to promote self-repair and oil-balance, thereby growing healthy hair.


3. Scalp Serum

Don’t use towel to wrap your wet hair after washing as it will cause bacteria, instead you should dry your hair as soon as possible. Besides, not only keeping your hair shaft strong but you should also provide a healthy growing environment for follicles if you crave for a sleek yet volumized lock. When you choose a scalp conditioner or serum, you should keep an eye on the ingredients which could help grow a strong shaft and nourish scalp, so it can condition and correct your scalp. Most of them are with leave-in formula, so you just need to simply spray or slather it onto scalp after hair wash, then massage gently with fingers for full absorption.



Supported by clinical proof, MD Follicle Energizer boosts up the growth of longer, thicker locks within 1 month whilst reducing hair loss and strengthening its texture.


The Vegan Georgiemane Hair Growth Spray is supercharged with caffeine, clover, castor oil etc that help promote the blood circulation under scalp, nourish scalp and promote hair regrowth.


Formulated by doctor, the MD Scalp Essential is packed with potent ingredients to soothe the irritated itchy scalp instantly, lessen excessive sebum secretion and dandruff, strengthen fragile and fine hair as well as reducing hair loss.


Dr.SEED Solution Booster Scalp Cleaning can effectively keep the oil balance of scalp, ensure the keratin cycle, promote nutrient absorption while reducing dandruff and soothing scalp discomfort.


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