10 Popular Christmas Office Gift Exchange Ideas Between $100 - $300

According to my and my friends’ experience, Christmas is every girl’s favourite festival. Being the festive season of give and gift, there are different gift exchange parties among friends and colleagues, not to mention the secret angel game, sending out your very blessings and love to all your co-workers in this fun-filled holiday!

Usually there is a spending limit for gift exchange among colleagues, and I bet you are clueless about what to buy. No worries, I’ve heard you! I have compiled a list of the sweet gifts between $100 - $300, allowing you to be the most popular person in workplace whilst avoiding buying gifts from chained stores. Result? Everyone in your company would love to be the lucky recipient of your gifts! 

Best gift under $100 #1: HAAN Aloe Vera-infused hand sanitizers

Though the social distancing restrictions are eased gradually, never skip all the protective gears! This Spanish niche brand Haan has launched a hand sanitizer that is infused with 65% alcohol, able to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Blended with super moisturising ingredient aloe vera, it makes it not only a sanitizer, but also looks like a hand cream to pamper your hands, suitable for both sensitive skin and Contact Dermatitis skin. Bonus? It is handy-dandy that you can put it in your pants pocket or shoulder bag anytime, anywhere.


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Best gift under $100 #2: PROTECTOR 3D Face Masks

The face masks are just like fast-fashion, started from flat design to KF94 and now the hottest 3D cutting. Over these two years, I reckoned that Protector 3D Face Masks are the most comfortable ones. It is breathable and ear-loop designed without leaving your ears painful after a long time wear. Besides, both the ear-loops and masks are made with same color which is quite rare in market. Don’t forget to match your face masks with your stunning outfits!


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Best gift under $100 #3: SALT & STONE Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 30

The American brand Salt & Stone is one of the most cult-favourite natural brands in recent years and you can find it in many selected shops in Hong Kong too. This Sunscreen Lip Balm is formulated with the a high quality beeswax from California, leaving you a supple pout after one swipe, sure it is the must-have lip balm in winter for both men and women! Besides, it has SPF 30 sun protection, shielding your skin from UVA and UVB, so lowering the risk of skin cancer.


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Best gift under $100 #4: JUNIPER RIDGE White Sage Mini Bundles

If your co-worker is so into crystal or addicted to soul and spirit thing, gift her the white sage bundle then! Burning sage helps degauss and purify the crystal whilst promoting your soul, bringing a positive impact to both body and mind to us.

Originated from the United States, Juniper Ridge has sourced the white sage from desert areas and trussed them up for a mini bundle. A mild scent of sage will fill the ambience when burning it, relaxing your pressure from work and soothing your soul.


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Best gift under $200: FRANZ SKINCARE Stem Cell Culture Medium 10% Ampoule

Party is just another synonym of Christmas. Aged over 25 but all about party? Gift her the made-in-Korea Franz Skincare Stem Cell Culture Medium 10% Ampoule, infusing her skin with an instant hydration with skin repair. The tube design Stem Cell Culture Medium 10% Ampoule is supercharged with hyaluronic acid and Ceramide NP etc. One tube is enough to apply the essence all over your face and neck. It is quickly soaked up, leaving your skin hydrated with elasticity. 


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Best gift under $200: Tonic Australia Flourish Eye Pillow

Are you and your co-workers the busy bees that work OT everyday till 4am? Gift her a Tonic Australia Flourish Eye Pillow to destress her eyes after a whole day working in front of computer. It smells with lavender that eases tension whilst helping you fall asleep. Finally, the body and soul can have a good rest after a long day. 

Though your company’s rule of game is under $200 but if you don’t mind, just buy her this Heat Pillow valued at $239 then! The eye pillow is smaller in size and for eyes only, but this Heat Pillow can be placed on tummy or areas suffering from muscle fatigue, or any areas you can think of! If she’s your ride-of-die BFF, out-bud is totally fine!



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Best gift under $300: Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Pure Essential Oil Blend

Many city dwellers fall in love to pure essential oil because they are natural and organic. Just a few drops of oil, you will be benefited from its aromatherapy. Being the British emperor used brand, Catherine, Princess of Wales is also the fan of Aromatherapy Associates.

This Deep Relax Pure Essential Oil Blend consists of calming vetiver, soothing chamomile and calming sandalwood essential oil etc., which helps falling asleep and relieving stress. Gift her Aromatherapy Associates as it looks fabulous yet thoughtful, your giftee will definitely adore you!


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Best gift under $300: Slip Nightlife bauble -skinny scrunchie set 

As an Australian silk brand, Slip's hero products are pillowcase and scrunchie. They are mostly found in the top-rated departments stores in Hong Kong, so if your co-worker is that lucky giftee, you will be known as the best gift-giver.

This silky scrunchie is beauty guru-approved as it reduces the friction between hair shafts whilst promoting hair health, delivering you the shiny yet sleek mane. Nightlife bauble -skinny scrunchie set is curated with different shades of scrunchies including pink, caramel and rosy gold, perfect for the feminine ladies!


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Best gift under $300: Bimix One Touch EMS Beauty Wand

Most of the home beauty devices cost over $1000 but this Japanese niche brand Bimix Beauty Wand is only worth $269, within budget yay! Gifting this high-qual-as-hell present, your recipient must think it is way more expensive than it actually is!

It has various functions including EMS, 42°C warming and red light etc. Fine lines, forehead wrinkles and several eye issues can be tackled in one-go! It is 90° rotating designed, targeting different small areas. Bonus? The gradient rosy gold design will bring the recipient over the moon!


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Best gift under $300: Castlebel Fragrant Sachet Combo 

Aromatherapy is more popular over the years. It uses massage or incense to drive the scent to body via respiratory tract or skin. It is a natural therapy that allows you to destress and promote health. It was first seen in Ancient Egypt and becomes a popular practice in the West and Asia in recent decades.

Castelbel Fragrant Sachet Combo consists of rose sachet, lavender sachet and white jasmine sachet. They all smell with a light scent that all co-workers are refreshed and more energetic during work.

It is totally fine to gift this to your male colleague as it can be placed in wardrobe, drawer, shoes cabinet or even car, suitable for both men and women.


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